Sunday, October 21, 2018

Week 8 - Tyler Strong!

Let's just leave this one right here....
There are two absolutes in the world of ESPN/ABC/Disney Corp: It’s Lebron James’ world and we are all just living in it, and every QB at Ohio State is automatically a Heisman candidate. Is anyone else sick of hearing about every move and bowel movement that Lebron makes? In the middle of a great Purdue game, why do we care about Lebron’s second game as a Laker? Also, Dwayne Haskins, as were the last 5 Ohio State QBs is not that good, nor will he play the position on Sundays but Herbie and the boys would make you think otherwise. Haskins had a few good games early this year against really bad teams. Nuff said. Ahhhh, I feel much better now that I got these things off my chest.

No college game this weekend for the DFT crew but there was plenty of action to talk about. We did attend the Monte Vista HS game against Foothill High which they won easily improving to 7-2 on the season. Saturday, Mrs. Tailgate and I were alerted that there was a TCU watch party in town, so naturally we invited ourselves. I walked in wearing a Sooner hat and playing the Sooner fight song on my phone. Needless to say, I was received like a whore in church. 
Clockwise from the top: Flipped off by a frog, Dan and the Marine's finest, Mrs Tailgate and Julie, opposing Moms.
Around the country – Speaking of the aforementioned Sooners, the Ruffin McNeil Defense was a much improved version since the firing of Screaming Mike Stoops after the Texas disaster. The Defense was stout for 3 quarters with just one quarter of subpar play giving up 27 points whilst Kyler Murray and the high octane O put up 52.  College Gameday finally came to Pullman, Washington for the Wazou – Oregon game. It was perhaps the most spirited Gameday I can recall watching, as the fans on the Palouse have been waiting forever to see this. Wazou led by new campus legend Gardner “The Stache” Minshew pulled off the upset over the Ducks resulting in a wild post-game, storm the field celebration. 

In West Lafayette, IN, on a frigid winter night, the Boilermakers pulled off not only the biggest upset of the year, but an embarrassing beat down of #2 ranked Ohio State. The fans stormed the field in an epic scene that will go down as one of the most memorable games in Purdue history. Kirk Herbstreit who called the game on ABC was finally out of excuses for Ohio State at the end of the game as he was still thinking Santa was coming down the chimney. Continuing in the Big Ten, the fighting Harbaughs marched into East Lansing to play their “Little Brother”. To say there is bad blood between the two teams is an understatement as things got heated even before the game started. In a game that included a lengthy weather delay, Big Bro came away with a 21-7 win. Coaches Harbaugh and Dantoni will not be sending Christmas cards to eachother this year. In the ACC, Clemson ended all discussion that NC State could make it a two team conference by annihilating them in Death Valley. In the other Death Valley in Baton Rouge, Coach O and the LSU Tigers shut down the men from Stark Vegas 19-3. In Group of Five Conference news, Cincinnati dropped its first game of the year to Temple and UCF and USF remain unbeaten. Division III, #4 ranked Frostburg State defeated Montclair to keep their record unblemished.
The Maddalon clan pre-gaming at UW

5th year Senior Ken Reinke celebrating with his new besties at ASU tailgate.

FBI's most wanted were located in Annapolis on Saturday. officer Scarpa gets the credit.

Ginger Trophy -  As noted last week, we have a new weekly feature called the Ginger Trophy, giving acknowledgment to something really Badass. Said trophy is named after our first awardee for sneaking the 5 liter keg (Now Trophy) into a stadium. This week, the trophy goes to Purdue super fan Tyler Trent. He was featured on ESPN College Gameday on Saturday. Tyler is a Purdue Student who is battling cancer for the third time in his young life. He attended the Purdue game Saturday night despite his serious illness and was named honorary team captain.  He even gave a speech to the team in the locker room after the big win. In a world of many “me first” people who complain about little things, keep in mind there are people like Tyler with real issues that stay positive and fight the good fight. For your courage Tyler, you are simply badass and we salute you with this week’s Ginger. Tyler Strong and #Cancer Sucks!

Bieber  Honors – To add insult to injury, not only did Ohio State lose a game this week, they also lost their Team Captain and Star player Nick Bosa to……QUITTING ON HIS TEAM! After suffering an injury several weeks ago, Bosa was told by doctors he could return in December, just in time for the Big Ten Championship game. Instead of heeding the doctor’s advice, Selfish Nicky decided to drop out of school and prepare for the NFL combines in February.  Even with an injury, a Captain still has a job to do for his team and that is lead and lead by example at that. What kind of leader quits on his troops in battle to save himself for something only he sees as more important? I don’t buy the argument that he has to be concerned for his future. Hell, if that was the case, why even have college football? I am so tired of these entitled snowflakes that can’t suck it up and do the right thing. If I were an NFL GM, I would have buyer beware alarms going off all around this guy as he just showed his Jay Cutler/Josh Rosen colors. Nick, you won’t be playing for the Big Ten or National Championship hardware this year but you did earn your first Bieber award. 

Next Up – I am now on the verge of my late season Juggernaut with 7 games over the next 23 days. I will be attending the Appalachian State at Georgia Southern game Thursday night in Statesboro, GA in a Sun Belt Conference battle heavyweight matchup.  On Friday, I will be meeting up with my High School Crew in Starkville, MS for our annual reunion weekend with Texas A&M visiting Mississippi State in an SEC West battle.

Happy Tailgating!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Week 6 & 7 Stay Gating Time

The Ginger Award!
My pace of traveling East every other weekend for a road game ended abruptly as I have been trapped in the confines of the Bay Area for two weeks straight and still have one more week to go. As daughter #3 had her Homecoming weekend, it was allegedly important for me to be present. More on that below in the Bieber section. Original plans had me going to Logan, Utah for a Utah State home game, but that was not to be. Friday night, we did enjoy a brief Tailgate prior to the Monte Vista high school game at Oak Hill Park.  Monte Vista won their Homecoming game over Granada high to improve their overall record to 6-2. On Saturday morning with remnants of the DFT crew available, we made our way to Levi Stadium in Santa Clara to watch the Army Black Knights take on the San Jose State Spartans. 
We're here Rusty!

Levi Stadium shares the parking lot with Six Flags Great America theme park and pulling into the sparsely filled parking area, it felt reminiscent of Clark and Rusty Griswold running through an empty lot to a closed Wally World. Drubaca was in charge of the advanced party and had raised the USA and DFT colors on my 20 foot flag pole. The Antifites were triggered! 

Our spot was quite easy to find as there was only one other tailgate within eyesight that was up and running. I threw together a batch of Bloody Mary’s complete with Titos vodka, 6 different vegetables and two pieces of thick cut bacon. We shared the concoction with our tailgate neighbors from BAE Systems, a defense contractor. This proved to be a key strategic maneuver that resulted in us being invited to share their first class chow line thus avoiding a “who knows what spread” prepared by Drubaca. We spent time mingling between our two tailgates and had the pleasure of chatting with USMC LTC (R) John Gamboa, a General Mattis protege.  
Breakfast in a cup!
Our crew and the Colonel
After our bellies were filled and our heads slightly fuzzy, it was time to head into the stadium. One of our crew, who shall go nameless was faced with a serious dilemma. He had half of a five liter mini keg of Oktoberfest beer that needed to be finished. No problem, he simply walked up to the security screening station and placed it on the table and picked it up after he went through the scanner. In fact, it was such a brilliant and impressive move we now have a new weekly trophy named “The Ginger” after said perp’s striking hair color. Well done Sergeant!  We are also relieved that the security personnel were on top of their game. We probably could have driven a fully loaded Humvee with a .50 cal mounted on top into the stadium without being questioned.

Into the game with our barrel of beer we went. Although SJSU gave it all they had early on, limiting Army to 14 first half points while kicking a field goal as well, the day would belong to Army. We had to leave in the third quarter to make it back for the previously mentioned homecoming festivities for #3, so we missed the Army onslaught as they put up another 38 points while shutting out the Spartans. Final score Army 52 -3….♬♪♬And the Caissons Go Rolling Along!
The Spartan band pumping up the sparse crowd


The previous Saturday, parts of the local DFT crew made its way over to The Farm on the Stanford Campus for the Utah – Stanford game. We set up a full DFT tailgate complete with Satellite TV theater, ample beers and other libations, tri-tip, sausage and peppers, bacon wrapped potato fingers, Mrs. Tailgate’s Deviled Eggs, Mac n Cheese and an assortment of desserts and dips. I even had wine for the first time ever at a tailgate, such elegance and class I exhibited. Cornhole and QB 54 were played and Fireball was the focal point for several toasts. We also broke out a giant EcoXtech speaker for its first appearance at one of our tailgates. Great sound system and it comes complete with two beer cup holders and a bottle opener. We were visited by Jason from Tailgate Utah who stopped by with his wife to visit us and chat up football.
Sights and sounds of the Stanford Tailgate

Did someone say Fireball?

Several canisters of spirits somehow found their way into the stadium, however they were difficult to enjoy as a grown up Michael Myers from Halloween kept a watchful eye on us from his security post. All American Bryce Love did not play due to an injury which had an impact on Stanford’s energy. As far as the game went, Stanford was flat and the Utes dominated from the coin toss to the alma matters being sung. Final score Utah 40-21. Utah is one of those team that is getting better each week after a slow start to the season.

Around the country – Notre Dame eked out a close one over Pitt in a sluggish performance to remain unbeaten. Oregon upset Washington in Autzen behind the play of their stud QB Justin Herbert. Could the Ducks be a sleeper for the CFB playoff? Alabama squeaked by Mizou by a paltry 29 points showing they are almost human….not really.  LSU shocked the SEC by completely dominating previously unbeaten and # 2 ranked Georgia in Death Valley.  MSU Sparty traveled to Happy Valley and provided an unhappy ending for the Nittany Lions pulling off a huge upset. UCF remains unbeaten after pulling out a close one in Memphis keeping their hopes alive at an outside shot at the CFB playoffs. Iowa State dethroned the previously unbeaten WVU Mountaineers in Ames resulting in the fans storming the field. UVA gets a mention in  this week’s recap as the Hoos cut down the Canes in Charlottesville for a mild upset, and for those of you wondering, Frostburg State remains unbeaten and ranked # 4 in the nation in Division III football.
The Vogleys at a Wake Forest Tailgate
Lil John and The Village People at The Rose Bowl

Conflicted Boilermaker fans supporting the Buckeyes and Tailgate Connect

Tailgate Connect guests enjoying themselves at our Texas Tailgate
Bieber -  As previously mentioned, my original plans were to fly to Utah for the Utah State – UNLV game. However, upon learning that #3’s Homecoming dance was the same day, I followed orders and stayed in town and went to the Army – SJSU game. I was instructed that I needed to be home by 3:30 to get ready for the pre parties which are basically Kardashian style photo shoots with Dad’s standing helplessly off to the side. Nonetheless, being the Father of The Year that I am, I felt it important to  be there for my little girl.  Not wanting to leave the Army game as I was having a swell time, I reluctantly exfilled the stadium and made my way back to family HQ to get cleaned up. As the bell sounded to leave the house for pre party number one, I was instructed by both Mrs. Tailgate and #3 that I did not need to go to the first party. With feelings clearly hurt and heart crushed, I sadly sat in the captain’s chair watching the Michigan Wisconsin game with a fine oaky Cabernet. 45 minutes later Mrs. Tailgate returns to get me to go to party # 2. As we were pulling onto the street of the party, daughter #3 texted Mrs. Tailgate and said, “no need to come, we are leaving soon and there are not many parents here.” At this point, totally despondent and unable to form words from my trembling lips we headed to a Mexican restaurant with an abundant number of TVs with games on.  Was this supposed to be some sort of consolation? Who would want to watch 5 CFB games and the MLB playoffs instead of standing by at a party watching people take pictures? Hence, I must give the Bieber to both Mrs. Tailgate and daughter # 3 for destroying my hopes and dreams and turning me into a balling, bumbling, mush of a man for a night. I have your awards and they will be in the form of your Visa cards being shut off.

Next week – TBD, but possibly making the trek to SLO for the Cal Poly game v UC Davis but am looking for a wing man, otherwise I will rest up for the following weekend to Mississippi State. I will definitely attend Friday Night Lights at Foothill High for the mighty MV Mustangs.

Happy Tailgating!