Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 Season Primer

Hello and welcome back loyal DFTers! We are a mere nine days away from the first kickoff of the season that will take place in “The Land Down Under” as Cal takes on Hawaii. In fact, I will be taking on a few Fosters Lagers (that’s Australian for beer) and several "shrimp on the barbie" at the Tailgate at ANZ stadium for the match. I hope you all have your tailgate and game schedules confirmed for the season, and I look forward to seeing many of you along the way.

Some new additions this year to talk about. First, I started writing for Stadium Journey in the off season covering other sporting venues. I will work in several CFB venue write ups this fall during my travels for them. I will also be participating on the college football forum for Stadium Journey and would appreciate it if you can all sign up and join in on the topics and discussions. Here is the link: . The DFT affiliation with Instagate has expanded this year. You can purchase your Instigate (tailgate in a box) by contacting me or through the link on my web site. This is a fantastic product for people that are wanting to tailgate in an efficient Eco-friendly fashion. . You can also check out their video on the side bar of my web page. I will use this awesome product several times this year for road tailgates where we don’t have a host. I will additionally be doing write ups for Instagate on interesting tailgate events I encounter this season. Lastly, I have 30 DFT long sleeve gray T shirts remaining. I am selling them at a reduced price of $10 plus S&H. Send me an e mail with your order as I will not be buying any more this season.

Be sure to vote on the new polls on the sidebar of the web page that have been posted. You can vote on favorite conference and top tailgating venue. I enjoy getting your tailgate pictures, feedback and Bieber candidates each week. It really helps statistically if you use the comment section every week at the end of each write up. We have exceeded 270,000 page views and hope to see it get close to a half a million by season’s end. If you don’t mind, forward my link on to other college football enthusiasts. Usual reminders, click on ads and go through the link on my page if you use them. This will accelerate my retirement plan!

The format to this season’s write ups will be largely the same. A new addition will be Tailgate vehicle of the week spotlighting unique rigs used for the purpose of college football tailgating. We will continue with a recap of the venues I visit for the first time, highlights of big games for the week, and of course our very popular Bieber selection. The season schedule is more ambitious than any previous year. I do not always stick to script but here are some highlights:

·Triple play in Texas over Labor Day Weekend
·Alabama at Arkansas weekend with house rental
· Wisconsin weekend with The OSU v Wisconsin and an NFL game at Lambeau 
  Army v Navy
· Penn State home game v Minnesota

Off season Bieber – hmmm, so many to choose from its’ like a beauty Pageant. However after surveying the DFT Nation, the Baylor scandal and cover up mirrors the Watergate debacle where the cover up became worse than the crime, although the crime was egregious to begin with. Art Briles was a great coach and put Baylor on the map but at the expense of the dignity of many women who had transgressions imposed upon them by testosterone overdosed animals. I am not a very sensitive guy about most issues, but as the father of three girls, I find this behavior beyond unacceptable and these losers should be getting reciprocal treatment in prison.Art may not have a job this season but he does have his new Bieber hardware to mount on his trophy wall.


On a sad note, we lost another DFTer to the big post game tailgate in the heavens. DFT Nation would like to give a final Salute to Navy Veteran and Naval Academy fan “Mister” Bob.

Mr. Bob, front left at the 2010 Army/Navy game

Happy Tailgating!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016 DFT Schedule

Date Time Conference
Weber State at Utah State
Big 12
NW State @ Baylor
3-Sep 2:30 Central SEC
4-Sep 6:30 Central B 12
Notre Dame at Texas
Portland State @ SJSU
17-Sep 6:30 Central Big 12
Ohio State @ Oklahoma
Iowa at Rutgers
Minnesota @ PSU
5-Oct 7:00 Central SBC
Ga Southern at Arkansas State
Temple at Memphis
Bama @ Arkansas
15-Oct 7:00 Central BIG
Ohio State @ Wisconsin
21-Oct 7:30 Pacific PAC 12
Oregon  at Cal
Couch Bound Saturday
BC @ NC State 
WMU @ Ball State or BGSU @ NIU
Toledo @ Akron
Buffalo @ Ohio
CMU @Miami
UGA @ Kentucky or BYU @ Cincy
Portland State @ Sac State
Louisville  @ Houston
Big 12
OK State at TCU
Family Time
3-Dec 3:00 PAC 12
PAC 12 Ship
Army Navy

Bowl Games

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Is The End

Darth Saban

Congratulations to Coach Darth Saban and the Evil Empire (the Alabama Crimson Tide) for winning their fourth National Championship in seven years. Forest G and My Jenny were heard to be partying up a storm in Greenbow, AL last night after the epic win by his Alma Mater. Clemson gave the mighty Tide everything they had and then some. Many will claim that they even outplayed Bama but forgot to score more points. So in the end, that is the only thing that matters. Clemson QB Deshaun Watson did his part in throwing for over 400 yards and running for another 70. The Clemson Defense bottled up Heisman winner Derrick Henry save for his one 50 yard burst for a score in the first quarter. Defensive Ends Shaq Lawson and Kevin Dodd repeatedly put pressure on Bama QB Jake Coker all night. Coker was able to do enough at the right times when it most counted. You have to also play Special Teams as Bama caught Clemson off guard with a perfectly executed on side kick in the fourth quarter that resulted in an eventual touchdown. Kenyon Drake ran a kickoff back 95 yards for a score after Clemson had kicked a field goal as well. Bama TE OJ Howard had a breakout game with five catches for 208 yards and two TDs. Final score Alabama 45 – Clemson 40.

"Bama Bob' Hora, Nor Cal Chapter President of  Roll Tide Roll
Major props go to North Dakota State for winning their 5th straight D1AA (FCS) Championship. No college football team at any level has ever accomplished this feat. The Bison thoroughly dominated Jacksonville State from start to finish.

Bison Bob and Julie Baumgardner showing us they know how to count at the FCS Championship
 A recap of the DFT 2015 Journey

  • Triple header opening weekend with games at UConn, *Illinois and Northwestern
  • 5 dry days in Utah with my teetotaler brother watching games at Utah and BYU and a side trip to Bryce Canyon
  • Annual Backyard ND Tailgate and dedication ceremony for Fritz’s chair at DB&G
  • The wet and wild southern journey with games at UVA, ODU and the epic weekend in Athens, GA with lodgings in Arthur Fonzarelli’s garage apartment (2015 Anchor game) for the Bama at UGA game.
  • The DFT brick unveiling at the CFB HOF
  • UC Davis (D1AA) “Straight outta Danville”
  • Homecoming at Frostburg State, tailgate in the snow.
  • University of Arizona weekend
  • USC @ Cal where we never made it into the stadium
  • Dads Weekend at Oklahoma
  • Harvard/Yale
  • Boise at SJSU and ND at Stanford on Thanksgiving weekend
  • Army/Navy
  • Foster Farms Bowl
  • Rose Bowl
* game cancelled due to lightning

 ·        11 new Stadiums (8 D1 A, 2 D1 AA, 1 D3)
·         19 attempted games, one canceled and one I can’t explain my whereabouts.
·         Largest Army/Navy, ND @ Stanford and SJSU Tailgates to date.
·         Introduction to Fireball
·         Sautéed Lobster Tails at 2 different Tailgates

Overall CFB Season Highlights:

  • Tanner Mangum’s miracle touchdowns against Nebraska and Boise State in the first 2 weeks.
  • Cliff Kingsbury verbally abusing Brett Bielema in a presser
  • Michigan State’s improbable win against Michigan after a botched kick attempt.
  • Miami’s winning rugby play against Duke with multiple infractions that were incurred.
  • The dance craze switching from the Nae Nae and the Whip to Dabbing.
  • Spurrier and O’Leary quitting mid-season because their teams sucked.
  • Frank Beamer retiring.
  • The drama that is USC.
  • Baker Mayfield resurrecting Oklahoma.
  • Christian McCaffrey being the second coming of Reggie Bush.
  • The AAC giving the Power 5 conferences a push.
  • The Big Ten becoming relevant again.
  • The fall of Leonard Fournette from being the lock on the Heisman and the rise of Derrick Henry winning it.
  • LSU AD hanging Les Miles out to dry
  • The long strange trip of the Nkmediche Brothers.
  • Dabo’s free pizza party.
  • 25% of Head coaching jobs turning over by season’s end.

Bieber Honorees on the season:

Off Season – UAB for killing program and then reviving it.
Week 0 – Sark for the drunk presser, ESPN for suspending Curt Schilling, Illinois players for being whiney and getting their coach fired.
Week 1 – The Meth heads at the University of Florida for robbing the NMSU team bus during the game.
Week 2 – Drunk Utah State Fan at Utah that got escorted out.
Week 3 – Rutgers Coach Kyle Flood for encouraging a teacher to change a player’s grade.
Week 4 – TCU players for robbing a fellow student and beating him for a case of Keystone Lite.
Week 5 – The fan that refuses to sit at the game and stands right in front of you.
Week 6 – Auburn’s “disrespected” Duke Williams for punching out Bar employees and security.
Week 7 – Pat Haden for firing Sark when he did.
Week 8 – The kid who puked on the bar in Arizona after chugging fireball.
Week 9 – Coaches that quit during the season like Spurrier and O’leary because they are losing.
Week 10 – Bad Referees.
Week 11 – CFP so called talking head experts such as David Pollack and Jason Seahorn.
Week 12- Multiple – Zeke Elliot, Heather Dinich, Harvard Alumni, Kevin O’Connor, SEC schedule.
Week 13 - LSU AD Joe Alleva for hanging Les Miles out to dry.
Week 14 – No awardee.
Week 15 - Steve Sarkisian for his lawsuit against USC.
Bowl Recap Week – Stanford Band at the Rose Bowl.

Bieber of the year – Steve Sarkisian (The third USC Coach to win the annual honor).

Bieber Hall of Fame Class of 2016 Inductees:

Pete Carrol
Mark May
Craig James
Gordon Gee
Scam Newton
Vontaze Burfict
Johnny Manziel
Lane Kiffin
Jameis Winston
Steve Sarkisian

Major games on slate for next year:

Weber State @ Utah State
 ND @ UT (Horns down)
TOSU @ Oklahoma (family trip)
Alabama @ Arkansas (Sooweeeeeee with my High School crew)
TOSU @ Wisconsin (anchor game to learn the Jump Around with a large DFT crew)
TOSU @ PSU (Happy Valley)
Williams @ Amherst (The biggest little game in America)

Army/Navy (Simply the best rivalry)
BC @ either Wake Forest or NC State

I have been approached by an on line publication called Stadium Journey to write reviews of the different venues I attend. I will start with some College Hoops this season and continue with football games that I attend each autumn. I will send links out and will encourage my loyal audience to generate some revenue for me by reading my write ups! Don't worry, I will still do my weekly DFT posts throughout the season too. As the good times had to stop for Jim Morrison, they also have come to an end for DFT 2015: