Tuesday, December 12, 2017

America's Game

This week's recap is a slide show from America's Game. Turn up the volume and go to full screen.

Happy Tailgating!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Week 14 - When Champions are Crowned (sort of)

DFT HQ flying the flags proudly

After being contacted by the University of Tennessee to become their next head football coach, with much consideration I have opted to pass on the offer and continue as your dutiful blogger. We took the weekend off from attending live games to focus our full attention on all the conference championship matches on TV. Of course we tailgated, it just happened to be in the cozy confines of my family room. Friends contributed a 13 lb. smoked brisket, pigs in a blanket, chicken wings, mac n cheese, homemade guac and chips, fine wine, fireball and cold beer.

Around the country -  By now, we all know who is in the playoffs, nonetheless here are your conference championship results:

·        ACC – Clemson 38 – Miami 3 (resounding win)
·        American -  UCF 62 – Memphis 55 (wild finish and Coach Frost leaves for Nebraska)
·        Big Ten – Ohio State 27 – Wisconsin 21 (Not enough to pass the CFB eye test)
·        Big 12 – Oklahoma 41 – TCU 17 (Baker solidifies the Heisman)
·        Conference USA -FAU  41 -  North Texas 17 (The Lane Train rolls on)
·        MAC – Toledo 45 – Akron – 28  (Rockets away)
·        Mountain West Boise 17 – Fresno 14 (Don’t lose on the blue!)
·        PAC 12 – USC 31 – Stanford 28 (Darnold outperformed Mr. Love)
·        SEC – UGA 28 – Auburn 7 –( Dawgs rule Cats drool)

The Browns at the PAC 12 Championship

Storm the Blue!

Your next Heisman Trophy Winner
The college football playoff has Clemson #1 playing Alabama #4 in the Sugar Bowl and Oklahoma # 2 versus #3 UGA in the Rose Bowl. The winners will play in Atlanta on 1/8/18. Here is a link to all the Bowl games:

Frostburg State’s Cinderella run came to an end against mighty Mount Union in the Elite 8 for DIII. Good things in store for the Bobcats next year.

Bieber – This will be a rare award as it is not granted to a human for the first time in years. For those that watched the Big Ten Championship game you experienced a very unique 10 minute delay. The interruption was caused after Wisconsin scored a goal line touchdown run and in the process the turf in Lucas Oil Field tore away from the ground on one of its seams. Carl from Caddyshack was called on to come and repair the seam for the players’ safety. The poor guy worked feverishly as 80,000 sets of eyes live and millions more on TV were squarely on him. You could see the sweat on his brow and his heart rate accelerate as his hands worked magic for many minutes. Finally, another assistant greens keeper came out with a rake to help get the job done. Not sure what the hell he did other than provide moral support. After 10 minutes, the repair job was satisfactory and Carl left the field to rousing applause. Great job Carl. However, a very Bieberesque performance by the turf in this high profile game by getting all tore up on national TV. 

Come to Carl Mr. Gopher!
Net week – We will be heading back to Philly for the Army Navy game to meet up with many old friends and family members. The next write up will be after Christmas for a mid-bowl season report. We will be attending the Foster Farm Bowl in Santa Clara and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Happy Tailgating!