Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mid Season Review

It does not appear that good things happened for Sammy, Timmy and Colt for spurning the millions the NFL would have awarded them...2 shoulder injuries, a concussion and an inept offense is all they got out of it. To boot, none of them improved their draft positions for next year. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture......very closely and make a tough choice.

So who are the contenders and who are the pretenders at this point? Bama, TCU and Cincy are all playing tough and consistent. I will not be surprised to see Texas, Florida and Iowa each lose a regular season game. Boise will go undefeated but will drop in the polls. Several 1 loss teams will be ahead of them at the end. SC is tough but young, they will lose again. Miami appears to be getting back on track however they will lose again. Lets go around the conferences for trendy picks to be on top at the end of the year:

ACC - Miami
Big East - Cincy
Big 10 - Iowa
Big 12 - OSU
Conference USA - Tulsa
Mid America - CMU
Mountain West - TCU
Pac 10 - Oregon
SEC - Bama
Sun Belt - LMU
WAC - Boise
Indy - Notre Dame

Great games this weekend. Be sure to watch at least 3 or 4 of them!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 5

Several really great games last week of note: Notre Dame versus UW featured 2 of the top pro QB prospects in the nation. Yeah that's right, get over it ND haters, Clausen will make a nice paycheck at the next level! The outcome makes the pending SC game that much more interesting. Navy & Ar Force into OT in a battle of the Service Academies. In the late late game if you did not see the Idaho Vandals upset the Colorado State Rams in the Kibbie Dome you missed a great game and a stud QB for I duh Ho! The Badgers and the Gophers in the new "real" stadium in Minnesota. The Spartans laying one on Rich Rod and the wolverines in the battle of Stimulus State. LSU's big win of the Dawgs and Auburn staying perfect for now. Cal, sorry but you suck and you should expect Stanford to whoop you this year. OU, thank you for participating this year, but your season is over. Does anyone think it was a good idea for Bradford, Teabag and the real McCoy to come back this year? It is not looking like it so far. Does Bobby Bowden know what day of the week it is?

The Tailgate enjoyed the games from the famous worn out couch in my family room. After missing the three previous weeks the games were that much more enjoyable.

Radio (Brian)and have the CFB + junket all planned out now:

Colorado @ Oklahoma State Thursday 11/19
Visiting OU, SMU and TCU stadiums on Friday the 11/20 for tours
Army @ North Texas Saturday 11/21
Redskins @ Dallas Sunday 11/22
Notre Dame @ Stanford 11/28

Friday, October 2, 2009

September in the Mirror

I am back on the continent after missing three weeks of college football in Europe. I was able to keep up on scores and managed to watch parts of several games in Amsterdam. So my observations from abroad: Who are the contenders and who are the pretenders? The next two weeks will tell allot. USC/Cal, LSU/GA, Ok/Miami and Notre Dame/UW will all be intriguing match ups on Saturday. We miss you Sam Bradford and get well Tim Tebow. Will Mr. Best be at his best tomorrow? Colt McCoy the Heisman is yours to lose. I actually declined a free ticket to the SC/Cal game due to some scheduling conflicts. The tailgate will be in full action from the couch most of Saturday. Cant wait!!

Here is a tailgating recipe from Feasty John of the world famous Feasty Boys:

Feasty BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
1 lb. Extra Large Shrimp, peeled/deveined
1 lb . Hickory Smoked Bacon
1 can Water Chesnuts
Old Bay Seasoning
Barbeque Sauce

Over medium heat, slowly fry bacon to the point it begins to turn brown. Remove from grease and drain on a paper towel. Peel and de-vein shrimp. Wrap each shrimp around a piece of water chestnut and wrap each with a slice of pre-cooked bacon. Secure bacon around shrimp with toothpicks. Place toothpicked shrimp on a plate and liberally sprinkle with Old Bay Seasoning. Top generously with your favorite commercial bbq sauce and allow to rest for 1/2 hour prior to grilling. Grill shrimp over medium high heat or placed in the oven at 400 degrees (no turning necessary) for 10 minutes.