Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week Zero - An American an Oz

My article from Stadium Journey:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 Season Primer

Hello and welcome back loyal DFTers! We are a mere nine days away from the first kickoff of the season that will take place in “The Land Down Under” as Cal takes on Hawaii. In fact, I will be taking on a few Fosters Lagers (that’s Australian for beer) and several "shrimp on the barbie" at the Tailgate at ANZ stadium for the match. I hope you all have your tailgate and game schedules confirmed for the season, and I look forward to seeing many of you along the way.

Some new additions this year to talk about. First, I started writing for Stadium Journey in the off season covering other sporting venues. I will work in several CFB venue write ups this fall during my travels for them. I will also be participating on the college football forum for Stadium Journey and would appreciate it if you can all sign up and join in on the topics and discussions. Here is the link: . The DFT affiliation with Instagate has expanded this year. You can purchase your Instigate (tailgate in a box) by contacting me or through the link on my web site. This is a fantastic product for people that are wanting to tailgate in an efficient Eco-friendly fashion. . You can also check out their video on the side bar of my web page. I will use this awesome product several times this year for road tailgates where we don’t have a host. I will additionally be doing write ups for Instagate on interesting tailgate events I encounter this season. Lastly, I have 30 DFT long sleeve gray T shirts remaining. I am selling them at a reduced price of $10 plus S&H. Send me an e mail with your order as I will not be buying any more this season.

Be sure to vote on the new polls on the sidebar of the web page that have been posted. You can vote on favorite conference and top tailgating venue. I enjoy getting your tailgate pictures, feedback and Bieber candidates each week. It really helps statistically if you use the comment section every week at the end of each write up. We have exceeded 270,000 page views and hope to see it get close to a half a million by season’s end. If you don’t mind, forward my link on to other college football enthusiasts. Usual reminders, click on ads and go through the link on my page if you use them. This will accelerate my retirement plan!

The format to this season’s write ups will be largely the same. A new addition will be Tailgate vehicle of the week spotlighting unique rigs used for the purpose of college football tailgating. We will continue with a recap of the venues I visit for the first time, highlights of big games for the week, and of course our very popular Bieber selection. The season schedule is more ambitious than any previous year. I do not always stick to script but here are some highlights:

·Triple play in Texas over Labor Day Weekend
·Alabama at Arkansas weekend with house rental
· Wisconsin weekend with The OSU v Wisconsin and an NFL game at Lambeau 
  Army v Navy
· Penn State home game v Minnesota

Off season Bieber – hmmm, so many to choose from its’ like a beauty Pageant. However after surveying the DFT Nation, the Baylor scandal and cover up mirrors the Watergate debacle where the cover up became worse than the crime, although the crime was egregious to begin with. Art Briles was a great coach and put Baylor on the map but at the expense of the dignity of many women who had transgressions imposed upon them by testosterone overdosed animals. I am not a very sensitive guy about most issues, but as the father of three girls, I find this behavior beyond unacceptable and these losers should be getting reciprocal treatment in prison.Art may not have a job this season but he does have his new Bieber hardware to mount on his trophy wall.


On a sad note, we lost another DFTer to the big post game tailgate in the heavens. DFT Nation would like to give a final Salute to Navy Veteran and Naval Academy fan “Mister” Bob.

Mr. Bob, front left at the 2010 Army/Navy game

Happy Tailgating!