Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pre Season Primer 2014

Welcome back my fellow college football fans and fanatics! We are less than two weeks away from the first FCS game on the “Red Inferno” of Eastern Washington, fifteen days away from the first FBS game between Georgia Southern and Abilene Christian in the Georgia Dome, and a mere sixteen days until I attend my first Gate n Game of the season at South Carolina. The Tailgate has put together another aggressive plan for the season with a mix of new and repeat venues with family, friends and fellow obsessive compulsive CFB groupies (OCDers). This is going to be an exciting year as we will see the first D1A college football playoff ever. There will be four teams to start but we hope to see more in the future. I would ultimately like to see a sixteen team format. There was more conference realignment and too many coaching changes to name that materialized since the end of last season so I won’t focus on that. 

I am dedicating this season to a dear friend of the Tailgate, Fritz Scharff. Fritz lost his courageous battle to cancer in the off season. He attended all of the ND/Stanford games with me through the years along with ND at USC, NW @ Cal and all of my game day backyard bashes. I know in your heaven Fritz there will be a Notre Dame game on TV and a cold one in your hand each and every day. 
Dan, Fritz and Italian/Irish Mike Iorio at USC game in 2012
I will ask as always for you the loyal DFT followers to make comments in the comment section at the end of each weekly write up.  I get a lot of great e–mails from many of you each week but would like to see more banter on the site. Text me your game day and tailgate pictures and stories and I will post them if I feel like it. Moreover, please share this site with fellow college football fans. Let me know if you will be at any of the games I am attending and I will let you buy me a beer and sign some autographs, shake hands and kiss babies. Send T Shirts of your alma matter or favorite team and I will wear it to support that team unless it is USC or Florida. I am also begging for you to buy your junk on by clicking on the amazon link on my site first. Moreover, click on those rotating google ads every time you are on the site. You see I get rich this way.  Last season I made $20 doing this. That will be enough to buy my brother Brian his annual nose bleed seat at the Army Navy game while I bask in the comfort of a warm luxury suite. I have even activated a beggars button with PayPal at the top. Also, I have activated a Twitter account.  I have no clue how to use it and will probably incriminate myself repeatedly throughout the season by saying things that Mrs. Tailgate does not condone. So if you’re a twit, here is my handle: @dantailgater. #Hash-tag that folks! (that symbol is still the pound sign in my book)

DFT goes the way of unsocial media

The following is the DFT lineup to start the season. As in all previous years, there will be amendments to this as the season progresses:

 Home Team

Texas A&M
South Carolina


Michigan State

Backyard Party
 at  DB&G

Ole Miss


Kansas State


Colorado State
San Jose State

Notre Dame
Arizona State

Hamden Sydney
Randolph Macon

Boston College
Florida State

Marriage Counseling
PAC 12 Championship
Levis Stadium


San Francisco Bowl
 Levis Stadium
Rose Bowl

Hiz Beebness in da pokey!

The Bieber Award is back. I searched for another celebrity stain (“Stainlebrity”) to replace the Beebs but his stainage has grown even wider since last off season. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom about that. Moving right along, there were many well qualified candidates to take the off season Beebs award within CFB. With the 476 arrests, 238 dismissals, 191 flunk outs, the attempt to unionize CFB, and a host of other incidents worthy of Biebhood. The decision was tough, but one Stain Beeb stands out the most and that is none other than the much heralded five star Oklahoma Freshman Joe Mixon. This one is tough as my # 2 is now a freshman in Sooner land and Mr. Mixon is a local Bay Area legend. Sooner Nation and the Tailgate were really looking forward to his arrival on the plains of Oklahoma and watching him tear it up on the gridiron. It was possible that the Tailgate would have even considered young Joe as Son in Law material. Nonetheless what he did pretty much trumps all other Bieber offenses, he punched a girl in the face and broke it in 4 places. Who does that? I have seen this specimen in person and he is a beast. Perhaps a bit too much roid rage. No pun intended but this hits close to home with my daughter being in the same freshman class as this dude. As of the time of this writing, Mixon has been suspended while the investigation is underway. Say it ain’t so Joe!


Please be sure to check out the Movie When the Game Stands Tall coming to theaters this month. It is the Screen adaptation of the book that was published in 2003 chronicling the amazing De La Salle High School football streak of 152 straight wins. De La Salle is the local Catholic Boys School out here in the East Bay that has one of the most impressive sports programs at any level.

Here is a little Kenny Chesney video to get you thinking bout them Boys of Fall:

Happy Tailgating!