Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 4 - Who'll Stop the Rain?

I hummed this song all weekend in Virginia

First and foremost, my apologies for being 24 hours late in getting this week’s blog out. In the words of the well renowned Bushwood Country Club Greens Keeper Carl Spackler “I was unavoidably detained!” I was summoned to the Eagles Nest in Southport, NC by DFT Board Member and Eagle Tailgater Pops Leblanc for a Sunday night Soiree with a host of other Tailgate enthusiasts. I was allowed to check off another bucket list item and ride the Leblanc home elevator with the ladies. So please blame him if I threw your Monday morning reading off.

The elevator ride at the Eagle's Nest.
The Tailgate ventured into the Commonwealth of Virginia for a double header weekend at UVA and Old Dominion. The DFT planning department has been relieved of duty as they did not take the huge “Nor Easter” into consideration when they coordinated this past weekend’s activities.

In 1819, another famous blogger named T Jiddy or better known as Thomas Jefferson founded the institution that is The University of Virginia. It was really not much of a hardship for this dude who lived across the holler in a little shack called Monticello. Oh yeah. Some 45 years prior he also blogged about creating a new nation or something (Just trying to bring it down to your level). We fellow bloggers stick together so I wanted to pay homage to his fine institution.  UVA has approximately 23,000 students and is set on a picturesque campus in Charlottesville, Virginia. Scott Football Stadium was built in 1931 and officially holds 61,500 derrieres.  It is a unique facility as it is dug into the ground and has a grass hill in one end zone with white columns above and behind it giving it a classical Greco Roman appearance. Legend has it that certain Fraternities used to bury a Kegger in the hillside the night before games. Rumor has it I know one of those guys.

Boise State was in town to take on the Wahoos (As they are known by their Faithful). As an added bonus, unbeknownst to me my hotel was the Boise team hotel. I was like an overgrown child in FAO Schwartz running around the hotel with sheer exuberance. Oh wait, there was a movie about that already. I was joined for the game by LTC Joe “Coastal” Anderson. Pre- game festivities began in town by meeting up with old High School buddy and UVA Sports Writer Jeff White for lunch in the grown up section of town. 

With old High School friends Jeff White, Jim Ross and the LTC.

The remainder of our pre-gaming consisted of going to the non-grown up section of town: The Famous Boylan Heights and Trinity Pubs just off Campus. Because of the inclement weather we opted to stay indoors for most of our Tailgating. One must remember that “Tailgating is really a state of mind.” It is wherever you choose it to be. We did manage to make it over to the Tailgate lot prior to the game and were given ample liquid encouragement by accommodating hosts.

            That was then ..................................................This is now

"Sir, please hide your beer cup for this picture.

Are you really a war hero sir?
Not much of a game as far as Virginia was concerned. In the words of Cliff Kingsbury (TTU Coach), “The Wahoos showed up and we kicked their ass!”. Boise Coach Brian Harsin would never say that but it is fun to quote the quotable. In the rain, Boise ended up winning 56 - 14 behind backup QB Brett Rypien after starting QB Ryan Finley was lost last week for two months with a broken ankle. Rypien, the nephew of former Washington REDSKIN Mark Rypien, carved the Cavalier Defense apart all night with well-timed short passes and a little Boise trickeration. In what looked like a promising season for UVA has suddenly turned into a very disappointing campaign.

Separated at birth

Saturday morning with a heavy fog outside and also inside my head, I drove the three hours to Norfolk to meet up with College Buddy Chris “Catch” McDaniel and his crew. In fact I arrived about three hours late and missed the Bloody Mary breakfast that was served. We were joined by Pat “Hang” Luce along with Chris’s lady friend Kathy and drove through the downpour to the Campus of Old Dominion, home of the Monarchs. Because of the weather, my fogginess and my tardiness, it was difficult to get a feel for the pregame atmosphere. ODU is quite an intriguing story. In 1940, the University killed the football Program. In 2007 it was decided they would resurrect the gridiron game on campus and field an FCS (Division 1 AA) team beginning in 2009. After five years of unprecedented success at the FCS level, it was decided the Monarchs would make the jump all the way up to the big league. They are now a member of Conference USA at the FBS Division 1A level. 

Rainy Ballard Field
Why are you so happy dude?

The Monarchs opponent on this stormy day would be another former FCS power; the Appalachian State Mountaineers out of Boone, NC. Appy State is best known for upsetting Michigan in the Big House in 2007. This is still considered one of the greatest upsets in modern College Football history. On paper this appeared to be a fairly even contest. On the field, it was anything but that.  App State dictated the tempo and pace as they ran roughshod over the mistake prone Monarchs all afternoon.  By Halftime it was already 36-0. Did I say it was raining already? After spending the first quarter in the Blue Room (covered area in stadium to watch game and purchase beer) and Q2 in the rain, it was decided to move our party elsewhere. Therefore, we spent the rest of the day at AJ’s sports bar watching all the CFB action. ODU finished the day on the losing end of a 49-0 drubbing.

Around the country:

ESPN College Gameday made its way to Tucson, AZ for the Wildcats big battle against PAC 12  power UCLA. It’s too bad that the Cats football team forgot to make its way to the field. They were thoroughly humiliated by the Bruins in their own litter box 56-30. In other PAC 12 blowout action the Oregon Ducks have finally been discovered as frauds as they were trounced at Autzen by the Utes 62-20. In Big 12 action, the Texas Burnt Oranges lose for the second week in a row by a dude that has one job and that is to kick a ball. With the game tied against Oklahoma State, Horn punter Michael Dickson botched a snap from their own 24 yard line and got off a kick that ended up six yards behind the line of scrimmage. This resulted in the Pokes kicking the game winning field goal. In perhaps the most exciting game of the day, TCU edged out the ass kicking Red Raiders and their Coach Cliffy Kingsbury in Lubbock, TX in a wild finish. Down South, Brett Bielema Head Ball Coach of the Razorbacks, the aforementioned recipient of that “Ass Kicking” a week before self-destructed in the final minutes handing Texas A&M an undeserved victory. Up in Anne Arbor, MI, Gentleman Jimmy Harbaugh scores a unanimous decision against BYU with a 31-0 pummeling in the Big House.

The Trojans lose one game and the Major changes teams.

Tailgate Siblings at Stevenson College game

Mr. Pervolino with UNH Beauties

Eagle Tailgaters celebrating win over NIU
Get up, it's Gameday!

Bieber Award – This week, the prestigious award goes to the dynamic duo of TCU players Mike Tuaua and Andres Petties-Wilson for drinking crappy beer. Oh did I mention it was a case of Keystone Lite? I almost forgot to tell you how they acquired their liquid gold. Batman and Robbin decided to requisition the beer by assaulting a fellow student and kicking and punching the snot out of him. After their fallen classmate lay helpless in a fetal position, the fine lads made off with a case of the good stuff. I hope it tasted awesome because they will need to get used to cheap beer for the rest of their lives since they will now have to forego their college diplomas and take up jobs with Ringling Brothers. Both have been suspended from the team and thus become irrelevant to the world.

Next week – The Tailgate will be taking its talents to Athens, GA for the UGA – Bama matchup. We will also be visiting the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta on Friday. Let's just hope next week's song is not "It's a Rainy Night in Georgia" by Brooke Benton!

Happy Tailgating!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

“Keep Calm, Tailgate On”

The Tailgate was grounded this weekend from live games, however no need to fear, there was a soiree here! We had the annual back yard Tailgate that used to include our departed friend Fritz Scharff. In honor of Fritz we dedicated his favorite bar stool at DB&G with an engraved plate and a brief ceremony. He was a huge college football fan and a loyal member of the DFT nation. In attendance was his daughter and her family. Additionally Mrs. Tailgate honored Fritz with her Tailgater Deviled Eggs that he was known to consume like a lion would a gazelle.

Honoring Frtitz From The Tailgate

Little DFTers enjoying the new games

The fellas at DB&G

I made the Crownies. Don't be this me.

Around the Country: Many epic games were played Saturday that helped fill my void of not being at a live one. So here we go with the Great pretenders of the Season: Auburn gets trashed in Baton Rouge, LA. Mizzou barely beats UConn 9-6, The Razorlessbacks lose to Texas Tech. The Urban Renewal project almost came to a screeching halt in Columbus, OH against a pesky NIU team. The Trojans run into a tree and fall off their horse in the coliseum. It was rumored that Coach Sark punished his med and liquor cabinets at home after the game.

In Tuscaloosa where ESPN College Gameday put down its stage for the weekend and the DFT traveling banner was represented, Alabama went down in defeat to a strong Ole Miss team for the second year in a row. Two good friends of the Tailgate Dr.’s Rector and Wilkinson paused at halftime and called a cease fire to pose for a picture like Grant and Lee.
The Dr Alabama Al family and friends repping DFT at Gameday
The Alpha Gamma Girls posing with Corso
General's Grant and Lee burying the hatchet

The Dawgs laid waste to the Cocks “between the hedges” in Athens, GA. The Fighting Irish dominated a tough Georgia Tech team in South Bend. Rudy did not get into the game this time as ND forgot to play the last 90 seconds after dominating all game. The Irish lost another starter due to a torn ACL this time during a celebration air bump. Floridumb State (as Marco Rubio would agree) was tested once again against the BC Eagles in Chestnut Hill. No more magic for Tanner and the BY Usters as he threw his last pass of the game to the wrong team in Pasadena as the Bruins secured a close one.

Eagle Tailgaters at Chestnut Hill Friday night.

At least someone sent me a picture from the OU game. (Courtesy of Lauren Mullica)

The Northwestern Wildcats win the prestigious Commander and Nerd Cup as they took down the Dukies in the Durham Sweat box. Having beaten both Stanford and Duke qualifies them for the Title “King of the Nerds”. Rice and Vandy have already been mathematically eliminated from contention.


Navy gets a big win over East Carolina at Navy Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, however their brothers in Arms from West Point and Colorado Springs were not as fortunate as each suffered a loss. 

The Navy Swabbies

Michie Field, USMA (Picture Courtesy of Major Tom Voytek)

The head Hog Curt Peters and his better half, AKA my Mother In Law

An Elvis like moment for me at Tulane. Spooky.

Zombie Hawkeye attacks rogue Sun Devil

Bieberiety: No contest this week. Honors go to Rutgers University. After a week of player suspensions for a home invasion and assault, Coach Kyle Flood followed up with a transgression that may even be more egregious. You see, Coach Flood in purely a caring and selfless manner thought it would be a good idea to contact one of his playa's Professors and encourage him to see things differently. The player in question Nadir Barnwell, a fine upstanding citizen who coincidentally was also involved in the home invasion and assault had not achieved the required passing grade in his badminton class. Coach Flood believed it to be wise to contact him using Hillary Clinton’s personal e –mail so there would be no trace of evidence. However, In this case, the professor did not wipe his hard drives clean and retained the “Offer Letter” from Coach Flood. It was really some purdy written prose asking the professor if he could see to a better score for his resident Rhode Scholar and that he really was a hard worker and good student. Mr. Blutarsky, your Zero Point Zero grade point average is even unacceptable here at NJ State U, and Coach Flood you are this week’s Bieber honoree.

Next Week, double header weekend in the Commonwealth of Virginia with Friday at UVA and Saturday at Old Dominion. Will meet up with old high school and college friends for both Tailgates and games.

PSA Announcement: We are in need of someone hosting the traveling banner at Gameday next week at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Most of you know the drill on what is expected of its host. Please notify me ASAP if you have someone who will do it.

Happy Tailgating!