Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bowl Wrap Up

Brother Brian Tailgate and his crew at the NGC Military Bowl.
Jameis was able to beat the rape rap but not able to outrun the Ducks in the Rose Bowl. Big redemption for the Big Ten and we also witnessed the Big 5 of the mighty SEC West all go down in flames along with Paul Finebaum and David Pollack’s incorrect opinions of college football. My take is that there is conference parity. I do not believe any one conference is better than any other. ESPN clearly does not agree with DFT. New Year’s Day may have been the best day of Bowl games in my lifetime. Urban Legend, Barry Alvarez and Mark Dantonio take down power schools from the SEC and Big 12.  New Year’s Eve had Boise knocking off UoA in the familiar Fiesta Bowl venue where magic tends to happen for them. TCU and Georgia Tech annihilated the Mississippi schools in the Cotton and Orange Bowls. Food for thought: If we still had the BCS format, Bama and FSU would be playing for the National Championship.
Rose Bowl photos courtesy of Major Mark
This final score has become iconic already

Bowl Records by conferences:
Conference USA: 4-1
PAC 12:  6-2
Independents: 2-1
SEC: 7-5
Big Ten: 5-5
Mountain West: 3-4
American: 2-3
ACC: 4-7
BIG 12: 2-3
MAC: 2-3
Sun Belt: 1-2
The Ricarts rooting on BSU at the Fiesta Bowl
Bronco fans storm the field
The band spells out BSU. Fiesta photos courtesy of Octavio Ricart.
Doctor and Mrs. Alabma Al at the not so sweet bowl

The spawns of Alabama Al in NOLA

The DFT local crew braved the blustery winter cold and winds to attend the Foster Farms frozen chicken bowl in Santa Clara. Stanford would face Maryland on this unseasonably cold and windy California night. The actual attendance was a paltry (not poultry) 20,000 due to Maryland not traveling well and Stanford not having a passionate fan base. Not much of a game as Stanford won easily, but we did get to test out a new product called Instagate. Many times when I hit an out of town game, my first stop is to Wal Mart to pick up all the necessities for my tailgate. This includes, grill, charcoal, lighter, coolers, cups, utensils, games, condiments, trash bags, cooking tools, etc. Instagate is a product that comes with all of the aforementioned and is lightweight, disposable and eco-friendly to boot. When you open the box and take out all the goodies it turns into a cooler and a beer pong table as well! That was the only thing we could not use because of the heavy winds. Everything else worked great and I would strongly encourage you to check out this link and see for yourself: The best part is when your tailgate is over, you simply can toss it out if you are flying back home.
Tailgate in a box!
Don Quilici grilling Instagate style

Voila, Instant Tailgate!
Even a Marine and the Army Lt. can figure this out

The DFT crew at the frozen chicken bowl

Terrorist attire was the only option to stay warm.
Bieber Award – After scoring the decisive touchdown against Oklahoma in the Bedlam game, Ok State speedster Tyreke Hill did not go to Disneyland to celebrate. In fact his version of celebration does not match most. He thought it would be fun to punch his lady friend in the face and stomach and choke her and end up in the Pokey 4 days after the big win. Get it Cowpoke in the pokey? Apparently this was not Tyreke’s first BBQ as the victim stated “"but it has not been this bad, just a lot of manhandling" and that Hill had never hit her before. Beating a woman in itself is grounds for Bieberhood but what he did next sealed his fate. Hill shouted at the arresting Po Po that he was being arrested because he is black and she is white. Mr Hill, you may in fact be black, who gives a crap, you beat a woman and we hope you get yours in lockup. Please don’t be such a Bieber that you would play the race card on your egregious actions. You are an idiot. No, not even the Reverend Al will bail your butt out of this one. Clearly if you don’t make it in the NFL, you will have a career hiking balls in prisons for the big boys. Enjoy your award, it will look nice next to your mug shot.
Next Week – Both the FCS and D1 A Championship games will be played deep in the heart of Texas. North Dakota State goes for an improbable 4th Championship in a row against Illinois State in Frisco and Ohio State takes on Oregon at Jerry World. Also congrats to DIII champion Wisconsin Whitewater and DII belt holder Colorado Pueblo.
Happy Tailgating!
The Eagle Tailgaters at the Pinstripe Bowl.

Tennessee Tony sporting the new DFT long sleeves.

The USC song girls never grow old. Courtesy of Major Mark.

Navey Seal delivering game ball at Holidat Bowl.

A corn husker lost at the Holiday Bowl.

Cactus Bowl fat guy touchdown. Courtesy of Shannon Coppell.

Drubaca terrorizing Vegas bowl goers.

Steve and Eric Koreivo at the Pin Stripe Bowl.