Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 14 - Rivalry Week

This personifies rivalry week.

Although I personally took the weekend off from kicking it at the Tailgate scene, DFTers from across the Nation reported in with pics from their rivalry games.

DFT Siblings braving the cold at the epic Marshall - WKU shoot out.

The USC Song Girls never get old. Courtesy of Major Rodrick..

Who knew the Bear was a DFT Loyalist? Courtesy of Tracey Rector

 Nattily attired Bama Fan Dr. Alabama Al Rector at the Iron Bowl

Illinois sideline at Ryan Field vs, NW. Courtesy of Chris Peters.
As stated earlier in the year, I won’t do a write up on weeks when I don’t go to a game.

Results from Rivalry games around the Country:

The Game – Ohio State 42 – Michigan 28

Paul Bunyan’s Axe – Wisconsin 34 – Minnesota 24

Iron Bowl – Alabama 55 – Auburn 44

Egg Bowl – Ole Miss 31- Mississippi State 17

Territorial Cup – Arizona 42- Arizona State 35

Civil War – Oregon 47 – Oregon State 19

Apple Cup – Washington 31 – Washington State 13

Palmetto Bowl - Clemson 35 – South Carolina 17

Clean Old Fashioned Hate – Georgia Tech 30 – Georgia 24

In LA, some Hollywood actors impersonated as team from South Bend and took the field against USC.

Next Week – The Tailgate will head to Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA for the PAC 12 Championship between Oregon and Arizona. Saturday will be the annual Buffalo Wild Wings Conference Championships watching party in San Ramon.

Happy Tailgating!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13 - The Long And WInding Road

                               My seven week road trip has come to an end
I began my seven week gauntlet in early October at the University of Oklahoma for Homecoming weekend and ended it this past Saturday in Tallahassee, FL, the land of Prince Jameis and Chief Osceola. Seven straight weekends away from Tailgate HQ and my fatherly/husbandly duties. I was joined on this trip by the notorious Eagle Tailgaters of Boston College fame: the Leblancs and the Gagnes. This would be my fourth year in a row to connect with this crew for a game. Anyone that prepares lobster tails at a Tailgate will be high on my list annually to tag along with. Besides, how could I pass up an opportunity to be a fifth wheel on their little couple’s getaway to Florida for the weekend? I felt a little like super creepy Rob Lowe for the weekend watching other couples.

Since I don't have DirectTV I like watching other couples Tailgate on Saturday
FSU had just experienced a horrific cowardly act early Thursday AM when a deranged dirt bag entered the school Library and shot and wounded three people. He himself met his demise when the police showed up and used him for target practice and turned him into a lead blanket. We were not sure what the vibe and mood would be based on this recent tragedy. We proceeded with cautious respect.

We rolled into Tallaharassment on Friday evening for a BC Athletics’ Department Soiree at the Governor’s Club.  I packed my Ted Knight Mariner’s jacket, mahogany pipe and practiced my Thurston Howell brogue in the event it was a high brow event and I needed to be a yacht club poser. It wasn’t that at all as BC Athletic Director Brad Bates hosted the small dinner and provided a forum for great football banter. Many in the room had played ball for BC and later became successful in the private sector. All are very active in helping BC get to that next level. This is a very passionate program with high academic standards putting the emphasis on student first and athlete second. It was a remarkable kickoff for the weekend festivities.

Based on weather reports for Saturday, we donned our cargo shorts, T shirts and sun screen and loaded up the Eagle wagon to make the 50 mile trek from our hotel in Perry, FL to Tally.  Only one problem, we never saw a lick of sunshine all day and experienced nothing but the heavy stuff from tent up to tent down. The National weather service earned Bieber considerations for the week. Nonetheless, with this famous advice from Carl Spackler at Bushwood CC, we played on:

Upon unloading our wagon and setting up in a prime piece of real estate next to our parking garage, we had our first man down of the day before the libations were even flowing. Depth perception is a bear when you achieve senior citizen status and Captain Pops Leblanc failed to realize the lawn chair was really right next to his feet. Boom Boom Pow! A little dirt and a crown infusion had the captain hosting his gate in no time. Get well Pops, we need you back on the active roster and so does BC.
The creepy old dude will do anything for sympathy!
The Fearsome Foursome of Eagle Tailgater fame

Cilla Gagne putting the Tail in Tailgate

We were also joined by my college roommate Chip “Shrek” Hayden and his family. I like taking pictures next to him for many reasons. Don and Sheila Therrien of the BC Gridiron club also joined us. In honor of Jameis, Co-Captain Rick Gagne rustled up some cakes with JW’s favorite meat product; crabs. We also feasted on the most incredible Lobstuh Beesk (As the Bawstonians pronounced it) I have ever had. The lobster chunks out-massed the liquid. We were surrounded by Florida State fans who could not have been any more hospitable and kind to us outsiders. Pared with the chow were the famous Bawstun Pops Bloody Marys complete with shrimp, bacon, cucumbers and garlic stuffed olives. This was a meal in itself. We mostly huddled under the tent and visited neighboring tents to avoid the rain drops falling from the sky for the majority of the tailgate.
Eagle Tailgaters
Bawstun Pops Marys

Eagle Tailgaters and DFT combine forces

Shrek, the wounded Eagle and Dan
Eagle Up in the rain.
Upon entering the stadium we were able to witness the one of a kind ritual of watching Chief Osceola on his faithful steed “Renegade” ride on to the field with his flaming spear. The entire stadium was doing the Tomahawk chop n chant (as they did for the next 4 hours). The Chief handed the spear off to Burt Reynolds, the honorary captain and former Seminole footballer to plant it into the turf at midfield on the logo. The Seminole nation went crazy. I have been told that I remind people of Burt back in his day. Take a look and let me what do you think?

Burt copying my pose
The original pose

Bowden field at Doak Campbell Stadium (Known as the Doak) is one of the most iconic cathedrals in all of college football. With the structural beauty of the outside facade to the history that has been made on the field, this one has been high on my list since the days of the wide right games against Miami. I will say that the stadium felt smaller to me than what I thought it would from watching games played there on TV through the years. It holds 83,000 fans but felt more like 60,000. The rain kept a number of people away but it was still a pretty ample gathering. The old girl has seen its share of epic battles throughout its 65 year existence.

The Chief getting the crowd fired up
The BC Folk at the Doak.
FSU boasts several national championships,  three Heisman trophy winners, and all time greats former coach Bobby Bowden, players Deion Sanders and Lee Corso just to name a few. They are coming off a National Championship and a 23 game unbeaten streak. Boston College under Coach Steve Addazio is one of those teams that will play every down as hard as they can and they will never quit. I got to get me some of what that guy is doling out.  Coming in facing the undefeated reigning National Champions, BC fully expected to come out with the win. FSU behind famous Jameis got off to a quick start with a touchdown on their first possession. The Eagles responded with a field goal showing the Noles that they were not intimidated.  And then the clouds opened up with the heavy stuff for the remainder of the game. FSU took a 17 -10 lead into halftime but had to earn every inch they gained.

The fantastic FSU Marching band known as the Marching Chiefs put on an entertaining halftime performance blaring out songs other than the Tomahawk Chop music. While FSU dined on crab legs in their locker room at the half and Jameis stood up on a table to shout things at people, BC Coach Addazio fired his troops up to play some Dude ball. To open the 2nd half, BC behind Florida Gator transfer QB, Tyler Murphy took control of the time of possession and pounded the ball up the middle and on the edges. The Noles D had no answer for the Eagle ground attack. With 12 minutes to go in the fourth, the Eagles mounted a clock eating drive only to miss a go ahead field goal that sailed wide right. De Ja vu all over again in this stadium Yogi? As has been the case all year, our anti-hero Jameis Winston mounted a drive to put FSU in position to kick the game winning field goal which they did.  The BC faithful can hang their heads high as they gave the title holders all they could handle. Final score FSU 20 – BC 17.  This was easily the best game I have been to all year. We loaded up the Arc and made the trek back to Perry for post gaming with Lobster rolls and college football on the telly.

Around The Country- ESPN College Gameday was at Harvard for the 130th game between Harvard and Yale in Cambridge. Harvard came away with the win to end their regular season undefeated and positioning themselves for a good seed in the FCS playoffs.  In a game where not many cared, Stanford eked out a win over Cal in the Big Game. UCLA annihilated their cross town rival USC in the ABC primetime matchup. We no longer mention results of Notre Dame games at the Tailgate unless the outcomes deviate from the current course. Coach Jerry Kill and the Minnesota Gophers are quietly having a great season with another win over Nebraska. In Norman, Oklahoma during a monsoon while one unnamed freshman was in her dorm watching it on TV, another freshman across the street was breaking the NCAA single game rushing record. OU Sooner true freshmen Samaje Perine broke Melvin Gordon’s week old record by racking up 427 rushing yards in a blowout over Kansas. This is a very humble young man, and we should be happy when good things happen to good people. Give me a tweet #32 if you are looking for a future father in law. Most of the SEC took the week off from real competition and scheduled JV scrimmages. However, Ole Miss was throttled by SEC West bottom feeder Arkansas. In the Mountain West, Boise State scored the minimum retirement age on Wyoming in Laramie high up in the altitude. Yes, I still follow Boise and they cracked the AP top 25 for the first time in weeks after this weekend.

Bieber – Former TTU DC Matt Wallerstedt was accused after last week of giving away defensive signals to TTU opponents this season. If you recall, back in September he was unceremoniously dismissed from the team. There were rumors of alcohol/substance abuse as the catalyst for the reason. Either that or he was caught with a poster of a shirtless Cliff Kingsbury in his home with hearts all over it.  Of course Mr. Wallerstedt denies this accusation, however there seems to be enough corroborating evidence from multiple sources that this is true. How could you do this to the kids you used to coach? Are you still sniffing the Elmer’s stuff? Mr. W is now at Louisiana Lafayette as an assistant coach. His future in coaching may forever be in doubt but what is not is the fact that he is this week’s Bieber boy!

Next week – And so begins my Familial re-entry program. With Thanksgiving, Mrs. Tailgate’s Birthday and our Anniversary, the Tailgate will be grounded and will get reacquainted with his family. I hope they remember what I look like.

Happy Tailgating!
The Bloke at the Doak

Two and half men at the UVA - Miami game

Major Mark sent this picture of pageantry from the Rose Bowl
Rick making the Lobstuh Beesk




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Week 12 - Good things do come in small packages

Most of my weekends from Labor Day through the second week of January are spent sampling the best that College Football has to offer at the Division 1 A level. And yes, I am on a quest to go to as many of these venues for a game as is humanly possible while keeping Mrs. Tailgate happy. Even so, there is so much more to College Football than just the big name programs of the Power five conferences with mammoth stadiums. Two years ago, while spending Championship week in Miami for the Notre Dame – Alabama game I was given an offer I could not refuse. My host that week and College buddy Terry ”Family Guy” Kernan-Warner told me I needed to come to one of his Son’s games at Division III Hampden Sydney College in Farmville, VA. His son Joey, AKA Stewie Griffin was a starting wide receiver on the team and they had a great game day environment. My last Division III game took place 30 years ago at my Alma Matter Frostburg State. I can’t say I really remember much about that day but there are pictures that prove I attended. Joey had also spent the week with us in Miami and so I interviewed, lie detector tested, roid tested, psych evaled, and water boarded the young man to deem if he was worthy enough for me to burn a precious hall pass on. He was as he passed with flying colors and I followed through on my commitment to watch him play before he graduated. It turns out I waited until the last possible chance as this weekend would be his last home game as a graduating Senior.
Our host for the weekend Terry Kernan
On this beautiful cool late autumn afternoon in Southern Virginia, HSC would be hosting their Arch Rival in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC), Randolph Macon. The Rivalry is simply referred to as “The Game” as it is the oldest small school rivalry in the South. The first game was played in 1893 and HSC leads the series 61-48-11. For those of you not from the East Coast, Division III schools are extremely prevalent and make up the majority of colleges in these here parts. Hampden Sydney was established in 1775 and is the tenth oldest college in The United States of America.  It is an all boy’s school during the week but you would never know that on the weekends! As it was described to me, it is a school where ten generations of men in one family attended HSC just like Lt. Dan’s family in Forest Gump. It is their destiny:

The Kernan/Warner family rented a cabin in Farmville, VA for the weekend to allow us to get the full Hamden Sydney experience. We met up Friday night at the local watering hole and bbq joint Fishin Pig with Terry and his wife Mary Susan, their daughter Bridgette and Mary Susan’s parents Denny “Victor Maitland of Beverly Hills Cop” Warner and Lulu. Along for the trip was my personal Governor, Mrs. Tailgate herself. After sampling local fare and libations, we proceeded to the cabin by the lake. Wasn’t that a name of a horror flick where bad things happened to all the occupants? We pre gamed for Saturday around the fire pit telling lies and truths alike for hours until the wise went in and the fools stayed out and froze.

Victor Denny Maitland


                 The Cabin by the lake

 We awoke Saturday AM to Denny’s (not the restaurant) “hangover frittata scramble” and Lulu’s ”transitioning” coffee. Most of us were as good as new after that intake and ready to get over to campus to start the festivities. We would be connecting at the Tailgate with more friends and family members of the Kernan- Warner clan including “Chris “Yamo Be There” McDaniel, another Frostburg mentor/corrupter of mine. I had few expectations of what the game day experience would be at this hallowed Southern Campus. Within minutes my impression was that this was a smaller version of Ole Miss in every aspect. Our Tailgate was established in an area analogous to The Grove in Oxford, MS.  Tents and BBQ’s taking up every square inch of available real estate. HSC Schwagg being worn by all and fancy meals and libations being served to those in need. Player’s parents and former players surrounded us and many stories were shared of past and current players and of the rivalry with Randolph Macon. The young men wore their blue blazers, bow ties, and salmon colored pants.  Corn cob pipes and cigars were as common as a red solo cup. The ladies were dressed in a manner that exuded class and charm. The rich southern tradition and culture were evident with every turn of the head. The campus can be described as classic southern architecture spread out on 1200 acres (one for every student) of tree laden landscape with plenty of open spaces intertwined. Our southern tailgate consisted of BBQ brisket and pulled pork from Fishin Pig and homemade chili. All this protein pared nicely with vintage Zing Zang Bloody Marys.

Denny Warner, Dan and Chris McDaniel

Close up of Chris McDaniel belting out Yamo Be There for us
The fellas pre gaming

The Crew at Hampden Sydney with the new banner
Bubba McEnerney and the ladies.

Family Guy and Dan with their personal Governors.
 Just prior to game time, the Players filed down a hill through the tailgate lot for their Tiger Walk to the stadium. Parents and fans formed a human corridor to pass through as well wishes and slaps on shoulder pads were offered.

Lewis C Everett stadium and the surrounding hillsides were packed with an estimated 12,000 spectators. This is the norm for this rivalry game as the crowd was about 40% larger than most Hampden Sydney home games. HSC coming in with a 7-2 resume needed a win to guarantee themselves a post season playoff spot. Randolph Macon suffering through an off year entered the contest with a 4-5 record. From the onset, it appeared as though the RMC Yellow Jackets and their fans were fired up and ready to embrace the role of underdog for the day. As it has been well documented, it does not matter what your record is when you step on the field for a rivalry game, anything can happen. RMC had two first quarter drives ending in missed field goal opportunities. The HSC Tigers struggled to string a complete drive together throughout the first half. Just before halftime, Randolph Macon QB Zac Naccarato punched one in from 3 yards out to put RMC ahead 7-0 going into the locker room.

The beautiful setting at Everett Stadium

The Tigers take the field.

That #5 is going to score me a TD!
RMC extended their lead midway through the third set on a 28 yard run by the human wrecking ball John Byrd. Byrd would end the day with close to 150 yards rushing. HSC seemed to shake off their yips and mounted a beautiful drive capped off by an amazing catch by none other than Joey Kernan on a pass by QB Nash Nance. Denny sitting next to me in the stands told the man in front of us that that was his grandson that just scored. The man looked at me and I said “well that is my nephew too” (since I only have daughters). Unfortunately RMC would score another Byrd TD and a field goal while the Tigers would add only 3 more points. Final score Randolph Macon 24, Hampden Sydney 10. The yellow Jackets would win that battle but the war was won by Hampden Sydney as they were notified fifteen minutes later that they would still win the conference and advance to the playoffs. This would be the quintessential definition of bittersweet.

RMC is awarded "The Game" Ball tropy
Dan and the Kernan boys Terry Jr and Joey.

Joey Kernan and his fan club.

All Gonzaga Prep of DC Alumni
We headed back to the Tailgate area to recap the game, tell more lies and catch up on other action round the country. All in all this experience far exceeded any expectations I had as I was blown away by the entire game day environment at Hampden Sydney. I experienced a better experience here than I have at many NCAA Division 1A schools without a doubt.

Around the Country – Many upsets took place this weekend with one so painful I can’t even mention it. Did I tell you I now despise the color purple? What happened to the natural order of the universe and the way things are supposed to be anyway?  A week after the ASU Sun Devils annihilated my unspoken team, they go down in their own flames in Corvallis to the OSU Beavers. The Georgia Bulldogs hunted down War Eagle 34 -9 but in the process lost the best back in the nation Todd Gurley to a torn ACL. The Tailgate wishes you a speedy recovery young man because I still need your John Hancock in exchange for a few Jacksons. Brett Curly Bilema get’s his first SEC win as Boss Hog of the Razorbacks with Arkansas knocking off LSU. Curly’ s old team not only upset Nebraska but rolled the Huskers in cheese and smoked them out of Camp Randall with a 59 -24 thrashing. During that game, Wisconsin Badger RB Melvin Gordon broke the NCAA FBS rushing record racking up 408 yards. I hear they are still doing the Jump Around in Madison today in celebration. Georgia Tech upset Clemson and Mizzou upstages the Kenny Thrilless Aggies. My #2 made the six hour road trip to Lubbock Texas with her new Bestie to watch OU regain its mojo and trump the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. It is good to know I have an heir apparent. It was reported that Jameis tanked the first half again so his High School buddy could win some more money in the FSU game against the U. In the second half as usual, Point Shaving Winston lead the Noles to another come from behind victory. I will be at the BC – FSU game next Saturday. I am now placing a bet with my Life Savings that BC will be ahead at halftime. Thanks for the Tip Mr. Crab Legs.
Bieber Award – Perfect Segue since we are talking about Florida State; This past week, young Jameis was scheduled to appear at an FSU disciplinary hearing regarding the alleged rape charges from 2012. Now we all know that the Tallahassee Po Po are honorable folks (wink wink) and would never turn a blind eye to criminal activity by a Nole Super Star. However, we expected the FSU Administration to be just a tad bit more stand up in situations like these. I have three daughters. This alleged crime is a serious matter to me and 90+% of the non - dead beat dads in the country. However, the Nole Admin decided it was more important that they postpone the hearing until after the regular season so Jameis could concentrate on winning the ACC crown and bringing home the bacon for the school. This has gotten so ridiculous that the FSU circus is reminiscent of the glory days of the professional boxing world when it was run by crooks and shysters (no, not our elected officials in DC ). The outcome of winning the ACC is still undetermined, but was is a fact is that you, the FSU Administration are this week’s Bieber Award winner for your heinous cowardly sleazy non action.

Next Week – This will end my seven straight away game gauntlet as I finish up in Tallahassee with the famous Eagle Tailgaters of Boston College.
Happy Tailgating!

> vs Randolph Macon.— Dan Donnelly (@Dantailgater) November">">November 15, 2014

The Alabama Al crew representing DFT in Tuscaloosa at ESPN Gameday

#2 and her OU Crew at TTU!

These boys did a Navy/Maryland double header



Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 11 - Hell's Bells

The DFT crew invaded Tempe for the weekend battle royale between my Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the ASU Sun Devils, AKA the Saints versus Satan Worshippers. Tempe is a far cry weather wise from the winter conditions the Tailgate experienced last weekend in Pullman. With temperatures forecasted to be in the high 80’s I packed shorts, t shirts, sun screen and a giant thirst for more college football. The Major joined me again along with Tailgate Tony Seber AKA Pauley Walnuts and Jeffery “Dahmer” Porter. We joined Head Sun Devil Kevin O’Connor and his crew of 1981 ASU Alums. This would be my 50th Division 1A stadium that I attended a game at. My realistic goal is to hit what I consider the top 100, as I deem many of the 128 D1A stadiums as irrelevant (Pro stadiums, domes, too far from campus, too new to D1A). It is a Marathon, not a sprint as I hit repeat stadiums every year as well. So, I am half way there and living on a prayer according to Mrs. Tailgate.
On Friday afternoon, Kevin arranged for us to get a tour of Tillman’s Tunnel named after ASU Alum and American Hero Pat Tillman. Pat was an undersized overachieving linebacker who earned 2nd team All American honors and scholastic All American accolades during his four years in Tempe. He went on to play in the NFL and in 2002 he turned downed a lucrative contract to enlist in the Army and go fight the dirt bags in the Middle East. As with everything Pat did, he excelled in the Army and earned his Ranger tab. While on patrol in Afghanistan, his unit ran into an ambush and Pat paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country. It was determined later on that a cover up took place and Pat was actually struck down by what is called friendly fire (the biggest oxymoron in the Military as there is nothing friendly about taking on lead from anyone). It was quite an honor to see and experience the impact that Pat had on ASU. We also toured the ASU Hall of Fame room.

It was an honor to walk through Tillman's Tunnel.
On Friday night Kevin invited me and my crew to sync up with his gang on the famous Mill Ave in Tempe. We misunderstood him and thought he had encouraged us to stay at Jeff’s house and watch the movie We Are the Millers. So, we all put on our snuggies, curled up on the couch and ate our individual quarts of ice cream and burned gazes into the TV Screen watching this epic flick. Of course we were called soft, weak, other unspeakable names, and Bieber for this miscommunication, but we did get to watch that Jennifer Anniston scene about a dozen times.
Our Friday night Pre game at Jeff's house.
Saturday AM, Jeff’s brother in law Shannon volunteered to be our DD for the day and drove us over to the Tailgate spot in the north lot right next to the entrance of Sun Devil stadium. Along with the Major’s “Bawstun Pops” Bloody Marys, grub was provided by Portellos of Chicago fame. Italian beef sandwiches, Italian sausages and hot dogs along with many coolers chock full of beverages.  In a small world incident, one of Kevin’s classmates is Chris Dyrek who owns a Cable Company along with his business partner Eric Jackson. Both were at our tailgate. So as long as they buy some gear from me I can potentially call this a business outing. If not, I now have incriminating pics of you both. Two of Kevin’s posse live in Wisconsin and we have arranged a Tailgate in 2016 at Camp Randall in Madison. They have promised to teach me the Jump Around. Also present was Dennis Fitzgibbons, QB at Columbia University from 1982 -1986. I shared stories of my Pops playing days at Columbia. See the Link for the story I wrote in 2010:  ( The current QB at Columbia is Stanford transfer Brett Nottingham who graduated with my oldest from High School. Many of the younger crowd in our tailgate sported Notre Dame Schwagg including the son of John Belushi.
Bawstum Pops breakfast in a cup.

The ASU/ND Tailgate in Tempe

ASU Class of 81 and family

Former Columbia QB Dennis Fitzgibbons

The three Devils.

Major, Dan and OC
Tailgating in Tempe

OC and the Wisconsin boys Mike and Dave

Touching gold
A conflicted crew
Tempe has not had this much excitement for a game since the days when Jake Plummer ran the show here in the mid - 90s. We entered sold out Sun Devil stadium for the 1:30 kickoff with temps in the high 80’s and the fan base at a fever pitch. Hence the nickname the Inferno or House of Hell was reinforced. With ASU coming in with the #9 ranking and Notre Dame #10, this game had significant meaning on the national playoff scene. The student section was as large and fired up as any I have seen. The band was cranking out tunes and fireworks were going off. Sun Devil Stadium has quite the picturesque setting as it is nestled between two small mountain peaks. Current seating capacity is around 70,000. The ASU Athletics Department did an excellent job in recognizing Active Duty and Veteran Military members throughout the game as it was Military Appreciation Day at Sun Devil. The only complaint I have is with such a large band, why do the stadium PA people blare piped in music throughout the game, especially AC DC’s Hells Bells? This is college, not NFL and you are a big time program. Use your band more effectively. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there was also the skinny meth head obnoxious Stain who couldn’t even spell ASU sitting in front of me that I wanted to shove down the stairs a few times. Other than that it was a great College game day environment.
The Little Devils

Panoramic view of Sun Devil Stadium

The Pride of the Southwest
The game started out with ND taking a 3-0 lead. Then the Sun Devils caught fire fueled by four turnovers by Irish QB Everett Golston, ASU scored 34 unanswered points. The Devil’s crowd was ecstatic. I on the other hand, was not. My phone was blowing up with Texts from ND fans and haters alike asking if I was suicidal. Notre Dame finished the half by scoring their first TD of the day narrowing the deficit to 24. The second half opened with ND putting together a beautiful drive that ended in another turnover in the red zone. Then the unimaginable happened, ND stopped turning the ball over and their D shut down the Taylor Kelly led offense. ND scored 21 unanswered points to close the ASU lead to 3. Just when it looked like ND would take control of the match, Taylor Kelly drove the Devils down the field for a Touchdown. Notre Dame got the ball and started marching down the field until Corey Robinson, son of the Admiral bobbled a pass into the arms of an ASU defender who streaked 54 yards for a devastating score.  The ASU lead was now an insurmountable 17 points with just minutes to go. The Sun Devils would score once more to put double nickels on the Irish for a 55 -31 score. I along with the other Irish fans left the stadium feeling like a run over skunk on a country road. Hats off to the Sun Devils for a strong win.
Taylor Kelly engineering another drive

And so the Devil torments me after the loss

To the victor goes the spoils
Around the Country – ESPN had dubbed this weekend as Separation Saturday with six games featuring teams that were both ranked in the AP top 25. In those games, #6 TCU proved it is no fluke by pounding out a 41- 20 win over #7 Kansas State at Amon Carter in Fort Worth. LSU lost to itself and gave Bama an OT win in Death Valley at night. A 15 yard unsportsmanlike flag on the Tide five yard line toward the end of regulation kept LSU out of the end zone and a kickoff out of bounds gave Bama an extra 15 yards on their ensuing possession. Tide had 20, Tigers 13.  In the Night game in the Big Ten, Ohio State out pointed their opponent Michigan State in East Lansing 49-37. Urban celebrated with warm Pizza. My nephew a junior at MSU, nearly earned Bieber honors this week for not going to Gameday and waving the DFT banner. I am having my lawyers redraft my last will and testament. Oregon took top bill in Utah running away from the UTES 51-27. In Norman, Oklahoma, the Sooners became the Laters as the Baylor Bears said see you later Boomer Sooner with a resounding 48-14 massacre.  Two big upsets on the day had Texas A&M return from the dead and Shock War Damn Eagle in Jordan Hare and the Longhorns resurrected from the ashes to topple the Mountaineers. In FCS action, North Dakota State lost for the first time in 33 games to Northern Iowa.
Bieber Award – Much consideration was given to awarding Ole Miss and Mississippi State the weekly honors with their non- defensible choice of patsy opponents during the thick of the playoff race. Shame on you both, but there was someone else whose action was more Bieberesque than yours: It seems as though Utah’s Kaelin Clay, inspired by his idol Douchean Jackson did the unthinkable against Oregon. In the 2nd Quarter with the teams battling for momentum, Clay caught a long strike in stride and was on his way to what appeared to be a 75 yard score. However, the rule clearly states that the ball must cross the plain of the goal line. Young Mr. Clay decided to showboat and drop the ball a good yard and a half short of paydirt. A heads up Duck player picked up the ball and ran 99 yards the other way for a Duck score. The infraction was bad enough for Bieber potential, yet it was the idiotic celebration dancing that young Clay did in the back of the end zone with two other moronic teammates while Oregon was running the other way for six that sealed his fate.  You may not have scored on that play little Clay, however you win the Bieber award on this great day! 




Salute to our heroes – With Veterans Day this Tuesday I would like to give a shout out to all Active Duty Service Members and Veterans. I would like to give a special nod of respect to Clemson Tiger football player and War Veteran Daniel Rodriguez. His book is called Rise and can be purchased on Amazon (of course through the link in the upper left of this blog: Kept/dp/0544365607/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1415580173&sr=1-1&keywords=rise+by+daniel+rodriguez . Additionally, active duty Navy Seal Tom Hruby saw his first action of the year for the Northwestern Wildcats. Here is the link to his story:
Next week, Mr. and Mrs. DFT will join the Kernan family at Hampden Sydney College in Virginia for their son Joey’s final home game against arch Rival Randolph Macon in what is simply referred to as “The Game”.  This will be my first Division III game I have been to since my days at Frostburg State in the 80s.
Happy Tailgating!
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Lexi and her Dad Mooch Byom at NMSU game