Sunday, December 7, 2008

Final Week of the Season

Bye Bye Ball St. and David Letterman...Coach price can still be heard saying "Roll tide roll!" more like roll over and submit to the more game gators and Tim teabag...Sam Bradford may be the best college quarterback ever....Did the BCS get it right this year for the title game? Sorry Trojan fans, not PAC 10's year...what the hell is Ohio State doing in another BCS game? Go Horns...from the great classic movie Dumb and Dumber one Horn fan can be heard saying " Kick his ass Seabass!!" And so Ohio State will embarrass the Buckeye state once again.....In perhaps the best game of the day, most of us were asleep when the mighty Bearcats of Cincy mounted a big 4th quarter comeback and knocked off the the long hairs of Hawaii....Why is Charlie Weiss still employed?

So the BCS is all set, make sure to sign up for my Yahoo College Bowl Pickem in the lower left.

Out! Dan from the tailgate