Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 14 Recap

Peggy is that you? Yezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…you inspire me! I am not too old to hunt you down boy or Mam. Like Peggy, I too seek inspiration after having no chance this year for the Irish to show in a major bowl and Boise’s loss a week ago relegating them to the sin city bowl and my wife’s Cow Chokes losing their shot at a BCS bowl. The good news is that there is still a lot of football to be watched over the next month. Personally the Tailgate has 2 more stops; The Army - Navy game in Philly next week and Boise’s bowl game in Las vegas. Now that the BCS picture is settled and all but one bowl means anything other than a few sheckles for the chosen ones here are more words of observation from week 14:

Best games of the weekend – Arizona pulling a Brotzman and losing to the Vontaze Burfict led ASU Sun Devils, The Sooners downing the Huskers in their last matchup ever as Big 12 foes advancing to the Fiesta Bowl, Ohio University upsetting NIU Friday night for the MAC crown and oh yeah that sham of a league champion Connecticut barely beating South Florida and advancing to a BCS bowl. I feel sorry for the Fiesta bowl hosting an 8-4 team….Really? Auburn and Oregon both won big after running the regular season gauntlets of their respective conferences. The right two teams will be playing for the title in the screwed up world of what is the BCS. I am looking forward to watching this one. Congratulations to VA Tech for ripping off 11 straight wins since the loss to Dolly Madison and winning the ACC ship over the Noles. Boise, nice rebound win…on all accounts a great season but with no playoffs it did not turn out the way it was planned. Fresno State knocked off Illinois in the Valley on Friday night in an exciting contest. USC won the knife fight in the parking lot as well as the cross town rivalry game against UCLA in the battle of the two most non controversial coaches in College football! SC this is college football, leave the gang banger crap at home! (I will miss taking shots at SC over the next 9 months)

Next week we will see Cam Newton accept the Heisman as the game’s best player. But let’s not forget the following players who also had fantastic seasons: Dennard Robinson, Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Mallet, Andrew Luck, La Michael James, Brandon Weedon, AJ Green, Justin Blackmon, Colin Kapernick, Andy Dalton, Terrelle Pryor, Ryan Broyles, Michael Floyd, Kellen Moore, Titus Young, Marcus Lattimore and Mark Ingram. Most forgettable seasons for Texas, Florida, USC, Miami, Tennessee, Clemson, The whole Big East. Top coaching honors to mike Gundy, Mark Dantonio, Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, and Mike Sherman.

Gripe of the week – penalties on punt returns. If there ever was a single type of play to wager a sure thing bet on it would be on a punt. I would bet that 1 in 3 punt returns in college football this year have been flagged with a block in the back, clipping, holding or some other brain dead penalty. Don’t these guys rehearse this during the week that these infractions often nullify a great effort by the guy returning the punt? For whatever reason this year seems worse than ever. Maybe it is a factor of the personnel on the field during the returns, in that they are not players that would sniff the field otherwise. Regardless, if I were a coach I would threaten scholarship revocation to the next player that committed an egregious infraction during a punt return!

See some of you in Philly next week for Army- Navy. Make sure you tune into watch this as these two schools represent the true spirit of College football.

Happy Tailgating!