Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mid Bowl Season Update

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and have enjoyed the Bowl action so far. The great thing about having a hobby like College football is that you will meet many interesting like minded people….yes most are nuts just like this blogger. Through my travels this year, I have now connected with two high profile bloggers/writers Steve Koreivo and Joe Rogers. We all now promote each other’s blogs on our pages. This is a show of solidarity amongst those of us with the most significant addictions. Please be sure to click on the two links on the left side of the page and explore the incredible insight and storytelling of these two talented writers. There is talk already of all the bloggers and many other friends uniting next fall in Oxford, Mississippi for an Ole Miss game and a Tailgate Celebration in the most hallowed acre in all of college footballdom simply known as “The Grove”.

Sometimes in life, fate will be on all our sides. As you are aware, I had a great desire to attend the BCS National Championship game in Miami without breaking the bank to get there. As it turns out, a friend of mine with access to tickets came through with a ticket for face value of $350. He shall now be reffered to as "Larry Clawz" and I am forever grateful. To put this in perspective, that same ticket on Stub Hub and other ticket web sites would be between 2k and 5K. Here is the video of me getting my ticket to the BCS championship game:

Bowl Update

The Tailgate did not travel south to San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl on 12/20 as rumors of the earth ending the next day would have left us stranded and far away from the doomsday bunker. Okay, the real reason is that there were no business meetings in Southern Cal to be had that week. The Tailgate did however set up shop on 12/29 in San Francisco at AT&T Park for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl featuring Navy and Arizona State. Due to forecasted bad weather, we opted for bargating at the numerous pubs and watering holes (Polo Grounds, Lucky Strike) surrounding AT&T Park before and after the game. Veteran Tailgaters Dave “Wannstedt” Quillici, LT. Pat “Wolfman” Wolff and the Legendary Marine, Lance Corporal John “The Sandman” Wintersteen joined the festivities for the day. John is a “Boots on the ground” kind of Marine and will talk to anyone and anything. Also we spent time with Paul Chapla, USNA class of 1963 (Star basketball player) and his wife Sarah, The Queen of England. It’s good to be the Queen! Drubacha, Good Time Reinke and Too Tall Taggert caught up with us and brought Richard Branson with them to sign autographs and pay our tab. Craig C2 Castelein was busy shopping and taking in a show with the girls for the day and had to cancel on us. He was worried that I would call him out on this massive man card violation but I am not that kind of guy. I would never do anything that would bring into question the manhood of a fellow tailgater. Craig, we just want to know if you had balcony or orchestra seats at the play? Although the game was a blowout and Navy did not bring the effort expected of an Academy team, the overall day and atmosphere was exceptional. Blue Skies, warm weather, ample boots and plenty of cold beer. Final score ASU 62, Navy 28. It was not even that close! On the way home we were even courteous enough to teach a member of the Occupy “Bowel” Movement how to properly enter a BART train after everyone has exited first. Of course a little elbow assist always goes along way when teaching morons.

The Fearsome Foursome at AT&T Park

Post game ritual at the Polo Grounds Pub
Navy getting rolled by the Sun Devils

The USO lovelies entertaining Lt. Wolff

Drubaca joining the fray with his favorite Lucky Strike Barteneder

The Skipper, Gilligan and the Queen.

LT. and the lovely Janine
Not a good advertsiment for this Bowl!

In other Bowls so far: Arizona overcomes a 13 point deficit to Nevada in the final minute to win the New Mexico Bowl. Too bad for those of you that turned the game off a minute too early. The Rich Rod Era has a signature win now. I can hear em down in Sleepy Holler in West By God saying “Ya’ll can keep that Yankee trader out there in the Deee Zert”!

Boise – UW – BREAKING NEWS ALERT– A Boise Kicker actually wins a game for the Broncos against UW on a game winning kick in the Las Vegas Elvis Bowl….somewhere in Idaho Kyle “Ray Finkle” Brotzman is practicing 10 yard field goals.

Ray Finkle

 The Central Michigan Chippewas win the Pizza Bowl against WKU when the Hilltopper’s interim coach Lance Guidry elected to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking the game tying field goal. I doubt ole Lance will be a candidate for any head coaching jobs after that bone headed decision! Congratulations to our favorite local team San Jose State for completing their best season ever with 11 wins after beating Bowling Green in the Military Bowl. Tailgate Brian was one of the 300 fans in attendance at that one. No sign of Munchie Legaux, but Cincinnati without Coach Butch Jones gets the win over Duke in the Belk Bowl 48 - 34. What is a Belk anyway? UCLA’s season came to an unexpected end by getting thrashed by the Bears from Baylor in the Holiday Bowl. Frank Beamer notches his 100th straight winning season with the Hokies overcoming a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter to upend the Scarlet knights of Piscataway. Sparty gets the win over TCU in an exciting finish with each team exchanging field goals in the final minutes in the Chicken Wing Bowl. Coach Mack Brown may have secured his employment status by engineering a come from behind victory over the Beavers from Corvallis in the Alamo Bowl.

Washington State finally has something to cheer about. Check out this Cougar Christmas light choreography:

Gripe of the week: The “Coach Poach” is out of control! Specifically the teams that have qualified for a bowl that have their coaches leave for greener pastures. Is there not any honor amongst thieves? What kind of message does that send to the kids they coach? It’s okay to bail on your duties? This is not the leadership that our kids need. This is perhaps the worst thing about our sport. Here is my solution: As much as I hate most forms of regulation, I believe the NCAA needs to institute a moratorium on “Coach Poach” until after the final bowl game is played. Yeah, I hear the know it alls now saying “but they have to leave otherwise they miss out on recruiting”. Well I have thought of everything, no form of recruiting whatsoever between Thanksgiving and the BCS Championship. Violators will be tarred, feathered and drug into the town square. How’s that sound?

Punishment for Coach Poach!

Let’s have a live look in at our ole friend Cheaty Boy “Christmas”Carroll since I know you all miss him:

Seahawks' Fake Punt After Leading by 30 in Bills Game Questioned

VIBE Posted December 17, 2012

There's one play from this Sunday's (Dec.16) NFL action that continues to receive harsh criticism from sports lovers.

As the Seahawks faced a fourth-and-4 at the Buffalo 43-yard line, leading on the scoreboard by 47-17 with 12:49 to play in the game, the team went for a fake punt. Many would call it a "cheap play" given the circumstances of the game and the team's substantial lead.

However, Coach Pete Carroll says he didn't call the play on purpose but that it was just a part of their plan before the game even started.

"I feel bad about this," Carroll said. "It was an automatic for us."

Portrait of a classless schmuck
The Seattle Times Reports: Safety Chris Maragos is the upback on that play, the one responsible for diagnosing the opponent's formation. He saw it, called for the fake punt, and took the snap directly. He handed it off to fullback Michael Robinson, who came from the right side of the formation. After handing the ball off, Maragos continued to run as if he had the ball.

The execution couldn't have been better. The timing, however, was a little off.

We looked for it every time we were going to punt, and it was just there,"Carroll said. "I should have stopped it in the sense that it looked bad."

In the view of the Tailgate, a tiger will never change his stripes. Petey boy, you will get yours again.

Next up for the Tailgate is the Rose Bowl on new Year’s day in Pasadena followed by the BCS National Championship game on January 7th in Miami.

Happy new Years and Happy tailgating!