Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 6 - Straight Outta Danville

Capturing Aggie Country at UC Davis
Our couples retreat out of Danville to the village of Davis, CA began with a road side meetup and group hug off of Interstate 680. After consolidating goods into several vehicles we made the 70 mile trek to UC Davis for the Aggies matchup against the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks. UC Davis started playing collegiate level football in 1915 in lower levels of competition until 2007 when they became a member of the Division I AA (FCS) of the Great West Conference. This was the same year that the new 11,000 seat Aggie stadium was constructed. Davis has had some notable players in the past including our family Orthodontist Dr. Cunein, UW Coach Chris Petersen, former college coaches Mike Belotti and Dan Hawkins as well as ex NFL Stars Kenny O’Brien and Bo Eason. UC Davis was a perennial power for years when they were at the D2 level under legendary coach Jim Sochor, but have suffered through some lean years as of late. When asked why we were going to watch an FCS team that was 0-5 this weekend, I responded just as the late great Brother Bluto Blutarsky would: “Burrrrrrrp, why not?” 
Brother Bluto shows us the way.

Monica mixing up the mules.

Dave Enjoying a mule.
The fellas ignoring the ladies.

Joining us on this trip were the usual Dons of Danville (Louie, Christopher, Dave, Michael and their Goomahs as well as first time DFTer and UC Davis alumni Jay Wiesbrod. After meeting Lou for only one minute, Jay stated “Hey, every guy named Lou I ever met is a party guy!”  Also joining us were Cindy Spiro, Senior Associate Athletic Director and her husband Steve. Several UC Davis students related to our group popped in for free chow. All in attendance were assigned tasks to get our Gate up and running in no time. Monica's Moscow Mules, mac n cheese and chicken legs, Quilici's smoked pork shoulder sammies, Gervolino's shrimp wrapped in prosciutto, Mrs. Tailgate's pasta salad, Desimone's Italian appetizers and other goodies were served. The flat screen TV was set up and tailgate games were played. Ah lest I forget, for the first time in a month it was finally not raining on me! In fact it was sunny and 90 degrees while the rest of the nation was dreaming of California.

Did you really play for the packers sir?

Polish horseshoes, the latest tailgate craze. All the kids are doing it.
The 0-5 Aggies took the field on this homecoming Chamber of Commerce day in Davis with high expectations of notching their first win of the season. The Lumberjacks entered the contest heavily favored with a 3-2 record.  We had fantastic seats with real chair backs in the shady side of the stadium. The stadium is a bowl dug into the ground with stands on each side and grassy hills in the end zone. The “Banda” was belting out songs to get the rowdy student section even rowdier. You see they just had a beer fest celebration where the kids could drink all they wanted for $20. They must have been real thirsty. In addition to the student section, the stadium was over 2/3rds full with many alumni and local fans in attendance. After falling behind 7-0 early, the Aggies got rolling on offense behind a stellar performance from local QB Ben Scott who found multiple targets all day long racking up 289 yards in passing. The Georgia Bulldogs could have used this kid against Bama last week. The Aggie Defense was opportunistic causing several key turnovers and great pass coverage. At the final whistle, Davis ended up on top 38 -24 securing the team’s 500th all-time victory.
The Guido twins before they left early in the 3rd quarter earning Bieber considerations.
The best clarinet player in the country.
Around the Nation:

Thursday night, the nation witnessed perhaps the beginning of the end for USC Coach “Cutty’’ Sark as the Trojans went down in flames at the Coliseum to the Washington Huskies. According to my sources, as of this evening Sark is taking a leave of absence to go find himself and lose his bottle.
Apparently, unknown suspects were caught on video stealing a neighbor's Husky flag to place on another neighbor's Trojan House. Please call your local police if you recognize them.
In perhaps the biggest upset of the weekend, the Sooners got “Strong” armed by the Horns in the RRR at the Cotton Bowl. At least my #2 finally attended a game this season. In the much anticipated matchup between Michigan and Northwestern, Coach Mom Pants Harbaugh and the Maize and Blue shut out the Mildcats 38-0 in the Big House. Notre Dame gets back on track in South Bend with a hard fought battle over Navy with a 41-24 victory. TCU escapes the jaws of defeat again with another last minute win over conference rival Kansas State. OK State remains unbeaten with a big OT win over the Mountaineers in Morganhole, WV. In the game of “Coach’s on the hot seat”, Butch “Sargent Carter” Jones and the Volunteers of Tennessee get a much needed win over Mark “Permanent Tan” Richt and the faltering Bulldogs of Georgia. We wish the best to All American running back Nick Chubb who suffered a serious leg injury. Bama takes care of business at home against Arkansas and no “Wide Right” for the Noles as they storm past the Canes in Tallahassee. Is Florida for real? The Gators remain perfect under first year Coach Jim Mcelwain with a win over the Missouri Tigers at the Zoo. In the marquis game on Saturday night in Salt Lake City, the Utes hold off the mistake prone Cal Bears to remain unbeaten on the year. QB Jared “Ryan Gossling” Goff felt charitable as he gave the ball to his opponent six times on the night.
#2 and her crew with a symbol of wishful thinking in the Cotton Bowl.
Even if your team can't score you will always have lobstuh tails!

Bison Bobby B at the Fargo Dome.

Bieber-Award-Auburn player D’ahquille “Duke” Williams – The extremely talented but oft troubled Dukester has finally ended his quest to be valedictorian at Auburn University. After having been suspended multiple times for the mysterious and vague “disciplinary reason” over the past two seasons, Coach Gus Malzahn has cut permanent ties with Williams. Of course the Guster would not specify what he did to earn his severance, so DFT’s crack investigative team went down to Auburn to find out. It was rumored that Williams had decided to preserve himself for the NFL and not play or practice hard any more while on the plains of Alabama. Our initial instincts were that his dismissal had something to do with this lack of effort he was displaying. We were wrong. Apparently Dukie and his crew entered a night club last week visibly intoxicated. One of Duke’s esteemed colleagues was wearing sunglasses inside in violation of the Bar’s strict dress code. He was asked to leave. Duke appealed to the establishment that he was the man and should not be disrespected by throwing part of his posse out. When the establishment did not acquiesce to his plea he decided to go on a rampage. According to our sources he punched out two security guards, a bar back and another customer. Well Duke you may not be earning that degree you worked so hard for at Auburn but you will be pleased to know that you can always fall back on your distinguished Bieber award.

Next week – I will make my first appearance in 30 years at a football game at my Alma Matter Frostburg State. Pre-game party will be at the Frostburg Inn. Prior to landing in Frostburg the Tailgate will pop into Mobile, Al for the ESPN Tuesday night game featuring South Alabama hosting Arkansas State in a Sun Belt Conference classic.

Arkansas State
South Alabama
College of New Jersey
Frostburg State

Happy Tailgating!