Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week 2 UH! – OH! ( an abbreviated write up as no new stadium was attended)

Nothing quite sez I love you like college football. Mrs. Tailgate and I opted for a romantic day as we invaded the People’s Republic of Bezerkley in an attempt to root out Antifa turds and catch the Cal game. Antifa must have heard Mrs. Tailgate was coming as they were nowhere to be found. Either that or they were still locked in their parent’s basement in timeout from misbehaving Friday night.  My secondary objective was to “Trigger Cal Snowflakes” by wearing the opposing team, Weber State’s Schwag (Courtesy of Eric Big E Aragon). Cal’s students are so oblivious to football that they did not even notice my annoying aggressive gesture. They were busy with play-dough and crayons. Beautiful day on the Bay with pre-gaming at the historic Claremont hotel and tickets and parking provided courtesy of the Chris Kenny family. Division 1 AA Weber State gave Cal all they could handle for 3 quarters. By the 4th quarter, the bigger, stronger, faster, and deeper Cal wore the scrappy Wildcats down and slipped away with a 33-20 victory. We made it back to DFT HQ in time to watch the marquis games of the night.

Major props to Baker Magic and the Oklahoma Sooners for taking it to the “entitled” Buckeyes on their home turf in the Horseshoe. Bake consummated his conquest by planting the Sooner flag on the 50 after the game like a dog marking his tree. I am also the recipient of a fine bottle of Jameo Black from a misinformed Buckeye fan who dared to bet me.
Marking the turf!

In the cat fight in Death Valley, SC the reigning national champs, Clemson Tigers clawed out a win over the Auburn Tigers. In South Bend, the Dawg faithful traveled large and meted out some magic of their own on Notre Dame’s home turf by topping the Irish 19-18.  In the battle for the CyHawk trophy, Iowa out pointed Iowa State in Ames. All three Service Academies won. Out on the West Coast, USC behind Sam Darnold dealt with the Stanford Cardinal quite easily. In the late late game in the Palouse, Boise State gave one away to the WSU Cougs in triple OT. 
The Governor and the Kernan crew pre-gaming in South Bend

The DFT San Jose crew invades Austin, TX.
Dougy "Fresh" and Laura Jost at the CyHawk Tailgate
This week’s Bieber is an easy choice and goes to our first female of the year. She is a real bitch and personally ruined five games this weekend and several next. The nerve of her taking the Florida peninsula by storm and wreaking havoc on countless people and football fans. Irma as she is known, as I write this, is currently making a mess of everything in her wake in south and central Florida. Her brother Harvey did the same damn thing to Texas a few weeks back and we have great disdain for him too. Please, enough! Take your kin and go back out on the ship you rode in on and never return! And oh yeah, take your Bieber trophy with you.

Next week I will be teaming up with Brian Donnelly as we are slotted for a double banger on Saturday. Game one is Kansas at Ohio University and game two is Kent State at Marshall. Special arrangements have been made by Ryan O’Connor. See you all on Court St. Friday night and Hal Greer Blvd. Saturday night!

A brief video of our week 1 Tailgate at SJSU

Happy Tailgating!