Friday, August 13, 2010

Cathedrals Attended for games

Criteria for a great stadium:
  • On Campus
  • Outdoor
  • Natural grass
  • Good tailgating or pre-game festivities
Criteria for a sub par stadium:
  • Not on or near Campus
  • Shared with an NFL Team
  • Dome
  • Track around the field
  • Turf
  • No tailgating

Cathedrals I have attended over the years

Byrd Stadium, University of Maryland
Mountaineer Field, University of West Virginia
Owen Field, Oklahoma University
Skelly Stadium, Tulsa University
Bobby Dodd Stadium, Georgia Tech
College football Kickoff classic 1991 - Meadowlands PSU v Ga Tech
Memorial Stadium, University of California
Stanford Stadium, Stanford (old & New)
The Rose Bowl, UCLA
Falcon Field, Air Force Academy
War Memorial Stadium, University of Wyoming
Sonny Lubick Field, Colorado State University
Bulldog Stadium, Fresno State
Spartan Stadium, San Jose State
Notre Dame Stadium
The Big House, University of Michigan
The Rubber Bowl, Akron
Death valley -Tiger Stadium - LSU
T Boone Pickens Field - Oklahoma State
North Texas Stadium
The Horseshoe -Ohio State University

On deck for 2010
The Horseshoe - Ohio State University
Boise State
University of Washington
BYU - Lavelle Edwards field
Army -Navy in Philly