Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 1 Recap 2010!

What a great start to the season with 78 D-1 games (Yes I know there are only 120 D-1 teams, yet many scheduled Bowl Sub Division opponents or even lesser!) over 5 days. There will never be this many games on a weekend the rest of the Season. Dan's Tailgate wandered no further than the backyard all weekend. Many great games to weigh in on but of note here are a few of my highlights: Utah over Pittsburgh on Thursday night and SC's defense looking like Belgium in WWI & II giving up 600 yards of O and spotting 36 to the rainbow Warriors of Hawaii??? And we would all like to thank Reggie Bush for safe guarding the Heisman statue the last 5 years for Vince Young (He got you again Reg, he was 2nd in voting in 05). Not that I am enjoying watching SC fall on hard times...too much :)

LSU, come on for real? You were lucky to win over a depleted UNC squad..let's pick it up down in the Bayou or Les may be no more there! TCU strong win over a quality Oregon State team. Urban, I believe your chest pains returned watching your Tebowless offense sputter against the mighty Redhawks of Miami, OH. Looks like BAMA amongst others will be eating Gator meat this year. Has Brian Kelly righted the Irish ship? Only time will tell but the Defense does look improved already versus the Weiss era. Good luck on Saturday versus Rich Rod and his band of cry babies. Mark Herzlich, its good to see you back on the gridiron where you belong. BC needs it's leader. Does anyone think Jeremiah Masoli wishes he hadn't been such an idiot in Eugene? When his former teams rolls up 72 points without him against a D-1 team, and his current team loses to a 1 AA school, I think regrets, he has a few...

East Carolina's win over Tulsa may have been one of the most exciting games of the weekend for the 5 people who actually watched it. And Maryland, you were lucky to beat Navy, but nice stick at the goal line to win the game. Last but not least, the Boise/VT game lived up to it's hype as game of the week. Yes Brent Musburger and the rest of the doubters in the East will have to make up excuses for why BSU won and how they don't deserve a shot at the title. Well hey, since I am now part owner of the team (Via my daughter's tuition) I am proud of them winning in a hostile environment 3,000 miles from home. What is a weak schedule anyway? They will play as many ranked teams as most of the power schools from power conferences by years end. So let's see how things play out before we judge.

The Tailgate received an unexpected detour for this Saturday and will be live at the Horseshoe in Columbus, OH for the OSU/Miami game. West Point Rob will be my cohort on this one and possibly the oldest Donnelly, Chuck may be released from the nursing home and make the the 3 hour trek for the weekend. Will send live tweets from the tailgate area and stadium!