Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 10 Recap

And now it is down to 4 teams that could compete for the BCS National Championship. Much to the demise of Craig James, Mark May and Brent Musberger, Bama and Oklahoma will not creep back into “The Conversation”. IMHO Auburn will lose at least 1 game if not 2. This leaves a real possibility for a TCU or Boise to represent the underclass of college football in the BCS Championship. Let’s not overlook the fact that Oregon still has its civil war to play on December 4Th as well.

The Tailgate called an audible and went to the Stanford – Arizona game. In attendance were Jr. Tailgaters Grace and Erin learning the art form from the old pro. Although we received a delay of game penalty for a requested stop at Starbucks by the girls (Cost us 30 minutes of prime tailgating time), the feast was the best of the year. We cooked a tri tip, homemade tailgate jambalaya and corn on the cob on the grill in the grove of the Stanford campus. I even ran the battery down listening to ESPN radio in the car until it died and required a jump from fellow tailgaters. The game itself was a dominating performance by Stanford over an uninspired Wildcat team boasting one of the best defenses in the country. Can you say exposed? Andrew Luck continues to impress me as the best NFL QB prospect in CFB. But help me understand something; 2 top 15 teams playing, beautiful stadium, great weather, Rose Bowl berth at stake and 15,000 empty seats!!!!!!! Stanford fans you need to come out and support this team. The Harbaugh era will not last unless this changes.

Congratulations Joe Pa on win number 400! You are in a class by yourself and don’t listen to your doubters (Right, you probably can’t hear them anyway). In the game of the day, someone finally decided to play defense in triple overtime as Illinois was stopped by Big Blue on their two point conversion attempt. Final score 67 -65. And Michigan’s defensive coordinator was the former Syracuse Head Coach who did such a good job in the carrier dome he was shown the door. My boy C2 Illinois native, married to a Michigan girl, can still be heard pouting and whining that he wuz wronged! Kansas scoring 35 points in the 4th quarter to overcome Colorado. Dan Hawkins maybe you will be Michigan’s next defensive coordinator? Oklahoma State putting a double nickle on Baylor was as impressive a win as they have all year. Congrats to the boyz in the bayou for getting their first win against the devil hizelf (So sez Mama Boucher and not talking bout Vicki Valencourt!!!) Nick Satan. TCU and Boise continue their quest for the perfect seasons by pounding quality opponents (even if Mark May and the haters don't agree). Kellen Moore throwing for 500+ yards has inserted himself right back in the Heisman race. Auburn, playing Chattanooga is not what the voters are looking for. Oregon continues to plow its opponents in the 2nd half. You deserve the #1 ranking....for now. Major props to the Air Force Falcons for winning the Commander n Chief trophy with your win over Army. Ricky Dobbs and Navy took their frustration of losing to Duke last week out on East Carolina and rolled up a record 76 points. The ole ball coach in South Carolina, what has happened to your team that you teased us with? Hey guess what? Notre Dame did not lose yesterday…..oh right they had a bye. Texas, it is to the point where it is no fun to pick on you anymore. Last but not least, my favorite roid boy Vontaze Burfict cost his team a victory over SC and Lame Kiffin. After SC came up short on third down with less than 3 minutes left, Burfict decided to take a cheap shot on a defenseless player giving SC an automatic first down and ultimately the go ahead score. Dennis Erickson, the father of modern thuggery even looked disgusted.

Gripe of the week – This week I turn my attention on the pompous righteous ASS that is Craig James. He runs a close second to Mark May in the world of public opinion. He who had a hand in bringing down two major college programs in the state of Texas. Yes, two schools , that's right. SMU as a player in the 80’s as part of the famed "Pony Express" that resulted in the school getting the death penalty and TTU for coddling his moron son last year and getting Vince Gill…I mean Mike Leach fired. You have so much hate for the West and Boise State that you look like the “unbiased” Keith Olberman on MSNBC on election night spewing hatred for the Tea Party movement. If there are any doubts, tune into the BCS selection show each Sunday on ESPN. Craig you are so pure and perfect we all aspire to be just like you. No worries because your unlikeabilty index will put you in the ranks of the unemployed some day.

Next week the Tailgate location is undecided. Two weeks until the big trifecta weekend with brother Radio, when we go to UW, Boise and BYU for a triple header weekend of college football!!!

R.I.P. Nick Bell of Mississippi State.

Happy Tailgating!