Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 9 recap (Road block Saturday)

Week 9 Recap (Roadblock Saturday)

I’d like to thank Mizzou and Sparty for participating in this year’s chase for the BCS championship game. Better luck next year! And then there were 5 undefeated and Bama lurking with one loss. Nebraska and Danville’s own Roy Helu JR putting a serious beat down on previously unbeaten Missouri making a statement to not forget about them when all is said and done. Mark Dantonio most likely had chest pains after the beat down that the children of the corn from Iowa City put on his Spartans. Perhaps in one of the best statement games of the weekend the Quack Attack from Eugene migrating south to crap all over the Trojans? This was a tough game for me as I was forced to root for Lane Kiffin and the Men of Troy in order to keep my hopes alive for a Boise BCS Championship appearance. I liken it to having to root for the ole USSR in Olympic competition in order for the USA to be in a better position for the Gold! (Spooky how the colors match too) And Lane, on key what did you do? You let me down and your Dad’s defense was like Iraq defending Kuwait in Gulf War I. Oh wait, I hear a serenade from Big SMO and the boys from UT again for you:

La Michael James has made the Heisman race a two man show between him and Cam Newton who also had another great performance on Saturday. Dennard was the best in September, Cam owned October; let’s see who represents in November. As much as I would like to see Kellen Moore win this, these guys (including Mr. James) are in a completely different class.

At the Tailgate, which was conducted indoors due to inclement weather, we feasted on Buffalo Wild Wings and Pilsner watching countless games and the World Series. OK State rebounded with a nice win over the Bill Snyder’s in Manhattan, KS, Puke stealing one from Navy had to make my Brother Brian ill. Army breaking out the Camo uni’s for a thumping of VMI now stand at 5-3. Maryland now sitting at 6-2 and reaching bowl eligibility. Nice turnaround coach Fridge! Notre Dame, tough week all around for you and Coach Kelly. I can’t say much more on it but it hurts to watch right now. Cal, you still have the Big Game to play for so don’t give up completely. Speaking of which Andrew had more Luck than Jake did in the battle of the top 2 NFL QB prospects. Mr. Luck you will be making a nice paycheck next year at the next level! Jake, you made a mistake. You would have been the number 1 pick this year had you come out early as advised. Mac Brown was spotted climbing the Tower on The Austin Campus after going down to the Baylor Bears. Oh how the mighty have fallen deep in the heart. TCU, A&M, SMU and Baylor all on the rise and the Horns and the Tubberville Raiders (Do you miss me now sez Coach Leach aka Vince Gill’s twin?) on the fall. Congrats Jo Pa on win number 399. WVA, do you want Rich Rod back yet? He will be seeking employment in 5 weeks. Did the Harbaugh’s put their house on the market in Palo Alto? Perhaps one of the best unheralded teams in the Country is the Utes from SLC. Coach Winnigham has his team playing at a high level with TCU coming in next week in the battle of the unbeatens. I am excited to watch this one as I think these are two of the best coached teams you will find in CFB D-1. Did anyone notice that Syracuse is quietly putting an excellent season together? Maybe if they didn’t play in a dome where they also play hoops more people would care.

One Eyed Willy update – Brother Bill informed the Tailgate that when One Eyed Willy was 5 years he looked directly into a solar eclipse testing out his superhuman X ray vision. Didn’t work out so well for him. So thus the mystery of the origin of the nickname is now solved.

Gripe of the week – Empty Seats – When I watch a nationally televised game and see empty seats it burns me. Last night watching the 24th ranked Nevada Wolfpack play in front of a half empty stadium I was boiled. Even contemplated hopping on a flight to Reno and jump in the stadium to fill some seats (Except I was stuck in my chair with a plate of wings and a jar of Pilsner). I understand when your team is horrible, but so many stadiums this year are not selling out. I even chastised my daughter for not attending the Boise State game on Tuesday night. CFB is the number one revenue sport in NCAA sports Let’s keep it that way by filling up those seats and keep these programs going.

Next Week DB&G will reopen for the Boise/Hawaii game with a possibility of going mobile to Palo Alto for the Cats/Tree showdown for the Roses. Stay tuned on that one.

Happy Tailgating!