Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 4 CFB 2011

The command center of the Tailgate was primarily rooted to the leather luxury box seats in the family room all day Saturday after Friday night’s backyard dry run turned into a late nighter and rough morning. Nonetheless, the Tailgate Nation had many of its members attend the following games around the country: LSU –WVA, Ark – AL, Tulsa -Boise, Mizzou –OU, St. Vincent PA DIII game, and Oregon and Arizona. At the command center the primary games viewed were Notre Dame – Pitt, OK State – TA&M, and Tulsa – Boise with live look ins on 27 other games throughout the day. I do rule my castle….at least for 1 day a week. What’s that honey? Yes dear, I will go do the grocery shopping today. Yes dear I will clean the bathrooms. Also, for those coming over for the backyard tailgates, we received new tailgate games to play in the yard. Of course they will involve the vices of gambling and drinking to truly enjoy.

So, at the beginning of the year, we were concerned with who we could have fun with now that some of the main Characters from Tailgate years in the past were no longer in CFB. Well, how can you not love Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney? Perhaps one of the best post game interviewees in the country. I want the 5 hour energy drink he imbibes. And do you have his back? “He got your back!”

Also, our boy Dana Holgerson does in fact have a Ben Franklin neck comb over. How does his wife let him leave the house that way? Of course BK and Coach Bennett have also made our list this year as newcomers to the tailgate roast. We will vote at the end of the year on your favorite.

Around the country – First, a shout out to the Zookies from Illinois for starting out 4 -0. Good luck in conference play. Hey Terps, you got shellacked again. Maybe you should start playing ball and stop changing your wardrobe every 5 minutes now. And How about San Jose State getting their first D1-A win in 2 years? UCLA knocking off Oregon State in perhaps the battle of the basement in the PAC 12. Let’s give a nod to the Sun Devils of Tempe for knocking off the Lame led Trojans late last night. No disrespect to Bama and the Sooners but LSU is the number one team in the country right now. Big wins against 3 ranked opponents on the road, pretty darn impressive. And #7 Mathieu is as good as it gets in CFB. Alabama looked dominant against a game Razorback team in Tuscaloosa. And of course Dabo Swinney getting his second big win in as many weeks in Death Valley. We do have your back coach Dabo! Tough loss for Cal in Seattle against the Huskies. Poor execution on the last set of downs did them in. Wisconsin, you are 4-0 but conference play starts next will be interesting to see how good you really are. And BK and the Irish eeking one out on the banks of the Monongahela. Toledo got robbed in the Carrier Dome. The UGA Dawgs acted like Dawgs and squelched the Rebel yell. Boise winning easily but not looking as sharp as they should. Did my daughter stay to the bitter end or was she at the library studying like she told me she would do? OU putting a scare in the hearts of Sooner Nation before they decided to pull away from Mizzou. One of the best games of the day was watching OK State come from behind a 20 -3 deficit to a win. Brandon Weedon now has to be in the Heisman conversation. This will bode well for those who also receive AARP benefits. RG III and Baylor cooking Rice easily. He too is squarely in the Heisman race. The Cornhuskers shucking and jiving to a win in Laramie against an improved Cowboy team. Is the Quack Attack back? Just ask the Wildcats from Tucson. And let’s not forget about Mr. Robinson doing his thing again in the Hoke Bowl (Gov Chris Christie’s long lost twin) against the Aztecs in the Big House yesterday. We know where you have gone Mr. Robinson and here’s to you Mr. Robinson! Army did not prepare for battle and got blasted by Ball State. The mighty Falcons of Air Force flew by their opponents easily.

Gripe of the Week

The butt pimple otherwise known as the Salsa Rapper “Pit Bull” in the new Dr Pepper commercial that is always on ESPN. First of all, when I want to have a good time, a really good time I don’t drink Dr Pepper. Second, I don’t go to some warehouse in my cool guy suit with bling and watch some other pimple on the butt of life do the modern adaptation of break dancing. The funny part is that the girls dancing around you are all 5 inches taller than your little man self. And last Pitt Bull, why are your commercials on every college football game on the ESPN Networks? What the hell do you know about football? The worst part about this is after I watch 18 hours of college football on Saturday, is that I can’t get that stupid jingle out of my head and I wake up in a cold sweat singing “Let’s have a good time, a really good time”. Food for thought: what ever happened to “I’m a Pepper she’s a Pepper don’t you want to be a Pepper too?”

Happy tailgating!