Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 9 CFB 2011 (BCS Shuffle)

Tailgate update – A low key weekend for the Tailgate as the main event was an “Occupy Back Yard” movement at DB&G Saturday for the USC – Stanford game. I am after all the other 1%! And what an incredible game it was, maybe game of the year so far, and I have seen some great ones. I was joined by Dave “I don’t look like Wannstedt” Quilici for the event. For the first time in my life I was pulling for SC (purely for the purpose of helping Boise in the BCS chase) and of course they let me down. As they say “when you dance with the devil…..” If not for the SC defensive back who took the cheap shot on the Stanford receiver in regulation on a 3rd and 10 with less than 2 minutes to play, drew a flag and extended the drive, SC would have won. Lame Kitten would have been the toast of tinsel town….but no, the undisciplined SC style turned out to be the difference. Damn thugs, last time I root for them! We did see Major Mark Trojan Rodrick USMC, USC, USA, waving his flags on ESPN Gameday Saturday morning at USC as well. Did you get to meet Erin Andrews? I did manage to watch parts of about 20 games from Tuesday through Saturday. Guest Tailgate reporter Craig “Let’s do shots” Castelein watched games at the Big House (Field Passes) and the Horseshoe under the lights on the same day! Quite a feat C2. You earned another pass to hang out with me on Gameday!

Around the country, the Vandy missed chipped shot field goal (Shades of Brotzman AKA Ray Finkel) and the untimely fumble cost the Music City Miracles a win against the much overrated Pigs from Fayetteville, AR. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEY. Congrats to Joe Pa And his 409th win as the all time winningest coach in Division 1 history. Your feat will never be matched by anyone. You are a living Treasure (when you are awake). Brian “I have to retrain these kids” Kelly got a much needed win over an outgunned Navy Squad in South Bend. Northwestern & Marshall putting up minimum retirement age numbers on the Hoosiers and UAB respectively (fiddy nign). The BC Eagles put the Terps in their Talons quite easily and soared to new territory... A win! When is Coach Tedford going to bench Zach Maynard G Krebs and put in a QB that can throw again? You made Little Ricky Neuhiesel look like Pop Warner hizzzzzself! The Black Shirts gave Sparty a very rude reception in Lincoln. That is not very nice hospitality from the Cornhusker State. Gramps Weeden & Mr Blackmon and the Ok State D proved me and others wrong that they are more than just a potent offense and can play D against a good O. Sorry RG III, it just was not your day. OU got their Mojo back and renamed Snyder Stadium “Stoops Field”, at least for the day. The Dawgs have quietly crept back in to the top 20 and took another bite out of the Gators at the world's largest cocktail party. Wisconsin Coach Brett Bielema was heard petitioning the NCAA to get rid of plays going under review. Gordon Gee and his bow tie are quite pleased with themselves these days. And Dabo, we want to thank you and the Clemson Tigers for participating in this year’s race for the Ship. Your post game interviews have been choice! Better luck next year.

Gripe of the week– Long hair, long not beautiful hair! With role models like Troy Palamalu, Clay Matthews Jr and Al Harris, college football is full of unoriginal posers who spend more time primping on their hair before a game than worrying about executing fundamentals. They want the world to see their locks, mains and trains as if we are to be impressed. Guess what? We are not. All you metro men should have your damn hair yanked on every play and your scalp should be full of bald spots by game’s end. Cut your damn hair, get a crew cut and looked like a flippin ball player, would you? This is easy for me to say as I personally don’t have the opportunity to sport one of these dos!

This week the Tailgate will be in Chestnut Hill, MA for the BC- FL State game Thursday night. I am told I will be met with a tradition called “Eagle Up” at the Tailgate before the game. I am looking forward to rubbing elbows with the folks that grill up lobster tails at their gate! Saturday night we will be back at Tailgate HQ at DB&G to watch the game of the Century – Bama –LSU. Nuff said. Oh yeah, check out the new Heisman poll on the left hand side, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite team in the favorite team poll.

Happy Tailgating!