Saturday, December 10, 2011

Week 15 CFB Seaon wrap up

For the 10th straight year the Midshipman from Navy took down the Black Knights from Army in the closest game in years. Many of my fellow tailgaters (Carlucci, Capezutto, Manzoni, Hayden, Hampton (see pic above), Oxendine, Wiggins, Brother Brian and Mr. Bob to name a few) were in attendance soaking up all the festivities of the Army navy Tailgate and game. I was flagged for failure to report for duty and will be brought up in front of a tailgate disciplinary panel for my actions. The game was played at FedEx Field outside of DC for the first time ever. The Army faithful were certain that this would be their year to break the streak. It was not to be as Navy was powered by the mighty duo of QB Proctor and RB Alexander (future Navy Seal) Teich. The game was close as Army kept fighting its way back only to be on the short end of a 27-21 final score. The schools as tradition holds, sang each other’s Alma Matter after the game. God bless the seniors as they will go on to play for the same team next summer; The USA Armed Services.

The Tailgate enjoyed another backyard tailgate at DB&G to watch the Army – Navy game. We were honored to have Marine Corps Veteran John Wintersteen attend the Gate representing the Naval Academy interests as I represented for Army. Several other folks stopped in throughout the day as well. After the game, I was so despondent that Army lost for the 10th straight year that I sought the advice of the great philosopher Toby Keith. All he said was “- “Red solo cup / I fill you up / Let’s have a party / Let’s have a party / I love you red solo cup / I lift you up / Proceed to party / Proceed to party.” So with sound advice I threw a massive rager at the ranch. Here is the video of the bash:

BCS fall out – The train for getting rid of the BCS has left the station. More coaches, AD’s and players have spoken out about it this week of changing the system than ever before. I am adamant that I will not watch the Shamgar Bowl this year and have incited a boycott of this sham of an event pitting the 17th and 13th ranked teams against each other. I hope the live and TV attendance fall far short of acceptability for this joke of a bowl. Heck there are 5 non BCS bowls that have more intrigue than this one. I find myself watching the D1 AA playoffs not because I have a dog in the fight or I know the players, I watch because this is what the end of the year should look like. Yes Jim Mora, it is all about PLAYOFFS!

Don’t ever forget to take a knee!

Games of the week as chosen by Dan:

Week Winner Loser

Week 1



Week 2


Notre Dame

Week 3



Week 4

Oklahoma State

Texas A&M

Week 5


Utah State

Week 6


Ohio State

Week 7

San Jose State


Week 8

Michigan State


Week 9



Week 10



Week 11



Week 12

Iowa State

Oklahoma State

Week 13


Texas A&M

Week 14


South Florida

Week 15



Tailgates attended this year:

1. BSU – Toledo

2. MSU – Notre Dame

3. BSU – Fresno

4. Hawaii – SJSU

5. ECU – Navy

6. FSU- Boston College

7. TCU – Boise

8. Navy – SJSU

9. Notre Dame – Stanford

10. Las Vegas Maaco Bowl – Boise v ASU*

Favorite Stadium Results voted on by the readers of this blog:

1. 1.Notre Dame Stadium

2. 2.The Big House (UM), .Owen field (OU)

3. 4.LA Coliseum (USC), 4.Boone Pickens (OSU), 4.Memorial Stadium Nebraska, 4.Rose Bowl

Gripe of the week – The Heisman selection process – first congratulations to RG III as he is not only an exciting player but an amazing young man. That being said, I must point out the hilarity of the Heisman Beauty contest. How can Brandon Weeden go from favorite one week to dropping out of the top 10 the next week? Kellen Moore’s kicker misses a field goal and he drops out of sight. Matt Barkley has 2 of the best receivers in College football this year so he is in the mix or could he be the next Gino Torretta. Andrew Luck does not play last weekend and drops into a distant second place because Baylor beats a poor Texas team. The Honey badger is a great college player, has a cool nickname but is not even the best player at his position on his team. Not sure he would be noticed on say a lesser team. I think the five finalists are outstanding college football players, however there are many more that are just as deserving that weren’t invited to the runway to strut their stuff. Over the last 30 years here are some stats on the Heisman: Since 1981, there have been 4 Heisman trophy winners that never set foot on an NFL Field, Torretta, Crouch, White & Ward. 13 never did or have yet to pan out in the NFL such as Danny Wuerful, Rashan Saalam, Ron Dayne, Desmond Howard, Ty Detmer & Andre Ward. Simply put, the Heisman is a popularity contest. It really has nothing to do with the best player in college football as evidenced by what happens to them next. Take it for what it is, not for what it should be.

There will only be 2 more posts this year. The Tailgate will be attending the Maaco Bowl on 12/22 in Vegas (Boise v ASU). I will post just after Christmas and then again after the BCS Championship!

Happy Tailgating!