Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 14 CFB 2011 (We need playoffs!)

Okay, clearly you expect me to rant about the sham that is the BCS. So I will, is that crap for real? Seriously # 17 Va Tech vs. #13 Michigan in the Sugar Bowl. Oh this will be exciting. What crack pipe are you "Ass Douches" smoking from? (to steal a phrase from Adam Corolla this week).Oh Mark May and Craig James can now smile with their little elitist chesire cat grins and be satisfied that no Non AQ teams made a BCS Bowl. Are you telling me that Boise, TCU and Southern Miss could not beat half of these teams? Okay I will calm down...honey, pour me a scotch stat!!

Here is what the idiot CEO of the Sugar Bowl said and this is the perfect reason why the BCS is broke: "

“Obviously, it was a difficult decision,” said Paul Hoolahan, chief executive officer of the Sugar Bowl. “We thought every team we had an opportunity to select presented us with certain unique credentials. In the final analysis, we just felt the two teams we have chosen really give us in the long run the best opportunity to put together a matchup that will provide a very exciting football game.”

Hoolahan said Virginia Tech’s proven history of bringing fans to New Orleans was “extremely important,” trumping their dismal showing Saturday night and not-so-stellar fan support while playing in the Orange Bowl three of the last four years.

“I think Virginia Tech has proven over the years the caliber of football team they are,” Hoolahan said. “I think they will perform extremely well.”

Hoolihan, you just made my list son, and it is not a good list!

The Coaching Carousel of D1 A CFB is in full swing: UCLA, ASU, UoA, WSU, KU, T A&M, PSU, OSU, Ole Miss, UAB, UM, FIU, UNC, UI, CSU, Tulane, UNM, FSU. All have started filling their vacancies or putting up help wanted ads. Personally I am throwing my name in for the Ole Miss job as I hear the Tailgating in Oxford is the best in the country and the scenery is second to none. I am just throwing that out there!

Around the country - Dana Holgreson’s Mountaineer Combovers eeked one out in an exciting finish to capture a share of the coveted “Big Least” conference championship. It looks like you will be eating some Oranges in January my Skullet laden friend. My buddy Mountaineer McCool will be heading to South Beach with his Davey Crockett cap adorned.

Incredible MAC conference title game Friday night, NIU comes from 20 down in the 2nd half to win on a FG as the clock expires over Ohio! The MAC conference has provided some of the most exciting finishes of the year.

PAC 12 “Sham-Peon-Ship “ between Oregon and UCLA– the O/U was 61…can u say fix? A total of 80!!!! Although the Bruins played hard and did not roll over and by virtue letting little Ricky go out with dignity.

Houston we have a problem. Commander Keenum has been grounded on all fronts! Southern Miss with a serious upset in Robertson Stadium in Houston against the #6 team in the country in the Conference USA Championship. This loss cost Houston $11 large and the conference even more, not to mention Keenum's case for the Heisman. Not a good time to choke, the Tailgate knows all about that topic watching Boise kickers the last 2 years. Speaking of which, the Surgeon known as Kellen Moore led the mighty Blue to another easy win over New Mexico and taking a seat 5 minutes into the third. Kellen and all the other Seniors at Boise, it has been a pleasure watching you all for 4 years. You will be missed. Coach Pete, please stay, life is easier in Idaho than it is elsewhere. And it makes me want to puke that you did not get a better bowl for the 2nd straight year.

LSU did its part to get back to the “Game of The Century II. The Honey Badger and company were fierce in their defensive efforts against the puppies from Athens on this day. In this case, the bark was much bigger than the bite.

Inaugural Big 10 Championship – The tables were turned this time as Sparty loses a close one to Russell Wilson and the Badgers in another epic matchup. What was that dude thinking running into the kicker when Sparty was about to get the ball back with 2 ½ minutes left? Obviously not a physics major as the law of motion was violated on that play.

The de-facto Big 12 Ship - in Stillwater, OK Bedlam turned out to be Bedtime for Bobbo, the most decorated of the Stoops boyz. My in- laws, whose extended brood is a family divided; Half OU – Half OSU, will not be on speaking terms until the natural order of things are restored and OU wins next year. The fans stormed the Field in T Boone and carried the party down to Eskimo Joes until late into the night. There are many in Stillwater that believe they should play LSU in the BCS title game and there is a good argument there based on strength of schedule. Can coach Gundy smile now that we have established that he is 40, a man, and now Big 12 Champion? Pick on him, he can take it. Let’s celebrate with coach Gundy and the Pokes:

Dabo is “frickin” the man again as Clemson put a licking on the Va Tech Chokies. And do you really think the chokies deserve the Sugar Bowl? Another reason to hate the Stains that run that bowl. Just listen to what Dabo Sez:

Heisman Poll results on the blog: here is how you tailgaters voted on the Heisman Poll:

1st – Andrew Luck

2nd – Kellen Moore

3rd -Matt Barkley

4th - Trent Richardson

5th - Brandon Weeden

The Tailgate was camped out at world HQ for most of the day with one road trip to my neighbor Tailgate Tim Wegner’s house to watch the Boise game and establish my own personal OWS movement (Occupy Wegner’s Couch). I demanded cold beer, fried chicken and that he give me his Direct TV subscription with the Mountain West Conference network for free…it’s just not fair that he has so much..sob sob, sniffle sniffle. He is part of the elite 1% that owns Direct TV and has the MWC Network and I don’t!!! I want legislation…wahhhhh. See pic above of my evil hippy twin. “Party on Wayne”.

On top of that the Big Games at DFTTG HQ were Bedlam, Big 10 & ACC Ships. We feasted on the first catch of the year of Pacific Dungeness crabs for the in home Tailgate.

Gripe of The week (Aside from the BCS Shamopoly) – New Uniforms – Why do so many teams in CFB feel they need to have new unis? Some of these teams have a different one every game. More often than not you can’t tell who a team is when you tune to a game and they have some non- descript uni on that looks nothing like their traditional one. Where is the tradition? What is up with Gray this year? No less than10 teams have sported a nasty gray uni that looks like an ugly horse hide. Also Black unis seem to be in as well. Do they think the uniform will change their abilities? Let’s ask Maryland? Get real, you are what you are, keep your traditional school colors and uniforms and represent! This uniform infatuation is getting a bit too Metro for me!

Next week is the final game of the regular season with the historic Army – Navy matchup. Be sure to tune in and support our future soldiers and sailors and Marines!

Happy Tailgating!