Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 4

Important message for the DFT Nation: I will only be doing full write ups after going to a venue that I have not previously written about. This means if I don’t go to a game, or I go to a school I have already covered, I will probably not be blogging that week. I may still do the Bieber award if we have obvious candidates and post my Tweets on the blog page. That being said, I hope you all caught some of the great action yesterday as there were many great games with epic finishes.

Bieber Award, This week it was a close race. The first candidate being the Arkansas State Administration for forcing the team to remove crosses from their helmets to honor two fallen teammates. This was political correctness and moral stupidity run amok. Ultimately, through pressure from the public (and some of you readers), they relented and allowed the team to wear the crosses. However, the second, DFT Bieber fave, Jameass Winturd takes the honors again. The 6’5’’ Heisman Trophy winner stood on a table in the Student Union and shouted sexual obscenities at a female student and thought no one would notice him. Need I say more? The one good thing that came out of this is we can all be comforted with the knowledge that Jameass actually knows where the Student Union is. Maybe the library will be next?

Next week the Tailgate will be traveling to Lincoln, NE to watch the Cornhuskers take on the Fighting Illini.

Happy Tailgating!

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