Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week 7 - More Cowbell!

A bevvy of beautiful young ladies from Hail State and War Eagle and the good Doctor representing DFT in Starkville.

Once again the bright lights of College Football shone down on the Magnolia State as ESPN College Gameday and the DFT banner (Carried by Dr. Matt Sheffield) traveled the 80 miles from Oxford to Stark Vegas. #3 Mississippi State hosted War Eagle from the plains of South Alabama. The Hail State faithful rang their cowbells precipitously throughout the day in anticipation of their most important game ever. Who would have known that those prophetic words from Christopher Walken would ring true 14 years later: “More Cowbell!” 


DFT update – when the stars align for a home double header, the Tailgate usually takes advantage of the situation. Friday night, the Heins family hosted me for pre-game festivities down on the farm at Stanford for the Wazoo game. Great food was prepared by our hostess Susan. Future Heins family member and former Cougar John Huffington was in our posse for the night. We also had the pleasure of spending some time with WSU Assistant Athletic Director John Johnson. He is a big reason for the Cougars recent resurgence. We will see him in three weeks in the Palouse when WSU hosts USC. Despite rooting for Wazoo, the stout Stanford Defense shut down the high flying Cougar Offense and their QB  Opie Halliday. Final score Tree  34 - Cougs 17.

Amanda Heins all grown up and attending Tailgates.

The ladies brought a touch of class to an otherwise neanderthal gathering.
Some people just have way too much fun.
Saturday we participated in our annual Snobgating at the world famous Claremont Hotel Paragon bar in Bezerkely for game day libations and vittles. Cal hosted the Huskies from UW in Strawberry Canyon on a picture perfect Bay area Saturday. We had the added benefit of watching the Blue Angels do their thing over the Bay to our west. Tightwad Hill was rocking and the cannon was ready to fire above the stadium. I even think I saw a few dirt hippy squatters in the trees. Nonetheless, the Husky Defense chewed up the Bear offense and took home a 31-7 victory.

Skipper, Thurston and Gilligan on a three hour cruise.
Around the country- In the SEC Mississippi State and Ole Miss took down Auburn and Texas A&M respectively. These two teams will now rightfully be ranked # 1 and 2 in the country. Bama went to Fayetteville and Nick almost left them there.

Out west in the PAC 12 UCLA got boat raced by the Ducks in the Rose Bowl and USC eked one out in Tucson. In Big Ten action Brady lives to play another day by knocking off State Penn. Down in the Big 12, Oklahoma barely escaped the Cotton Bowl with a win over their hated rival Texas. In the wackiest game of the day, Baylor comes from 21 back in the fourth set to beat TCU 61 -58. In ACC action, Jameis will face a disciplinary hearing this week. Why not just wait another few games. AWW heck we are just talking about a handful of fel fels and a few misdys to boot. Notre Dame holds on to win against a well heeled team from North Carolina.

My Favorite Sooner and her pals and Big Tex at the Cotton Bowl

Bieber Award – It would be easy to give it to Jameis and the FSU administration, but that story has become the Benghazi of college football. Frankly we are all numb to his idiocy and the cover up behind the scenes. Therefore, we cruised north of the Florida Georgia Line to find this week’s awardee. It seems that our leading Heisman Candidate could not subside on a free education, room and board and a brand spanking new “Scalade”. These things were not enough to satisfy the appetite of young mister Todd Gurley. It appears that Todd’s thirst for the finer things in life led him to a a deep dark place where he felt justified in charging coin for his Johnny Hancock. Sometimes he would charge as much as an Andrew Jackson for his scratch. We already knew he could carry the ball like nobody’s business, but I am just impressed he even knows how to scribble and count his numbers. So he has the ever important three R’s covered of running, writing and arithmetic. Because of his transgression, he has been suspended indefinitely from the Dawgs and has probably lost any hope of winning the Stiff Arm Trophy. But no need to worry, Todd will be taking home the prestigious Bieber Award this week to add to his accolades and awards.

Next week the Tailgate will be traveling to the land where the wind comes sweeping down the plains for the Sooner – Wildcat battle in Norman.

Happy Tailgating!

Tailgates from around the country:

Navy's first couple stirring it up in the rain.

The Hurricane Mahoneys at Sun Life
Maple Leaf fans were lost ending up at a Stanford game.

More Cowbell in Stark Vegas.

Steve and Chris at a Stanford Gate.