Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 0,Season's Greetings!

I witnessed the first CFB Action of the season from the comfort of the Tailgate Headquarters captain’s chair. The lone matchup pitted four time defending FCS (D1AA) Champion North Dakota State against fellow FCS powerhouse Montana. The Montana Grizzlies pulled out an epic upset on a last second touchdown to shock the college football world. We may have seen the end of the Bizzzzzzzon dynasty. New Montana Head Coach Bob Stitt was quoted after the game “I wake up every morning and Piss Excellence. I am a big hairy American winning machine. If you ain’t first you’re last!” So clearly he was a wee bit excited. In addition to the FCS classic, there were a slew of marquis HS games providing for a good dry run for the season to come. The Lingerie Bowl also exposed us with an exciting pre-season tune up.
The underdog Griz take down the mighty Bison.

Bieberitis has hit the nation like a zombie outbreak in the past few weeks. First we have an inebriated Sark Belushi at USC riling up the crowd with slurred and choice language. He is now getting a season pass to Betty Ford after it was determined that up/downs weren’t a sufficient punishment. Second, the PC police at ESPN (Extreme Socialist Propaganda Network) suspending Curt Schilling from the LLWS for comparing ISIS to the Nazis. No really, they truly are a wholesome organization with good family values. And lastly, the pansy players at Illinois crying to an equally pansy administration about Coach Beckman being too hard on them. This of course resulted in his untimely firing one week before the season. Dean Wormer at Faber would not have tolerated this atrocity. Honorable mention goes to my neighbor John for electing to go to a movie during the time the first CFB game of the year was on. Full disclosure, this is a person who watches more football than me normally.
Sark in his college daze!

Schilling saying by by to ESPNazis.

Neighbor John at the movies.
America's Dean!

Make sure to download the Periscope App on your phone and follow my live broadcasts from Tailgates and stadiums all season. We did a trial run this weekend and had a lot of fun with it. . My handle is dantailgater. Also be sure to sign up for the Tailgaters Yahoo College Pickem. Do so by Thursday if you are game. See details on the left side bar.

This week:

First action for the Tailgate will be the hallowed confines of Rentschler field in East Hartford for UConn’s home opener against Villanova. This was an audible called at the Line of Scrimmage due to work commitments. Originally the Tailgate was going to commence the season at the Ball State VMI game in Muncie, IN. Friday I will land in Chicago and join up with Tailgate Tubby Devine for the Illini home opener and pre-game bar-gating. I will get four hours of shut eye and awaken on the shores of Lake Michigan for a breakfast Tailgate at Northwestern hosted by the Casteleins and joined by Mrs. Tailgate and friends.

 Happy Tailgating!