Sunday, October 30, 2016

Still in Timeout

This year's edition of the USC Song Girls. Picture courtesy of major mark,

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Hard to believe it is almost November, it seems like just yesterday I was in the land down under watching Cal versus Hawaii open the season. The first nine weeks of the season, I have attended nine Division 1 college games, six major road trips including seven new college venues along with  the iconic Lambeau field for a Packers game, 1 high school match and five T Bird Midget games to add to my journey.  
T Bird football on Saturday.
This past weekend my junket with the Eagle Tailgaters from Boston College at the game in Raleigh against NC State was canceled as I continue my cleanse and spiritual realignemnt. I was advised to stay in timeout and attend my daughter’s birthday celebration and watch her cheer for the mighty Midget T Birds. Okay, I sang happy birthday, so I waved to her once, smiled, then I proceeded to scout the game for the 8th grade kids that could play in high school. I did manage to slip in the Danville high school battle of cross town rivals Friday night  under the lights between Monte Vista and San Ramon Valley. Monte Vista won behind QB and UW commit Jake Haener and his big tight end  Erik Krommenhoak going to USC and WR Jake Landman headed to Colorado. Monte Vista takes on legendary De La Salle next Friday.

Danville storms the field after the Monte Vista win
Around the nation – Seven undefeated teams went on the road this weekend and after Saturday, four would no longer carry that distinction. We witnessed Washington slip by the Utes in Rice Eccles by 4 points and the booger eating Harbaughs left no doubt this year as to which team reigns supreme in the glove state of Meeecheegun by knocking off Sparty. 
$50 more says he eats it!
Deshaun Watson directed his Clemson Tigers to a close win in Tallahassee to remain perfect on the season. That kid is Mr. Clutch. WVU, Baylor, Boise and Nebraska were not as fortunate as all four suffered their first losses of the season. WVU lost big in Stillwater to Hair Club Holgerson’s last employer OK State. Baylor did the unthinkable losing to the lowly Longhorns for the second year in a row. Is Charlie Strong enough to keep his job now? Boise lost to a much improved Wyoming team in Laramie under the lights. Good to see the brown and gold relevant again. Last, for the second time in a month at Camp Randall, a game went into OT with the house jumping. This time the Badgers had the preferred outcome by knocking off Nebraska.
The Casteleins of DFT Nation enjoying the action at the Horseshoe
How to go undetected in enemy territory
In the game I was supposed to attend, a fired up Boston College squad knocked off the favored NC State Wolfpack in Carter Finley. The Eagle Tailgaters and DFT family members represented the DFT Nation strong! Larry Culpepper of Dr Pepper fame even sent some good luck their way and was quite prophetic in doing so:

Eagle up with the eagle Tailgaters before their big upset win in Raleigh

Apparently my siblings have replaced me with the Devil hisself on the far right.
DFT represented by the BC crew

Will Muschump got a much needed upset win over the better Tennessee squad in Columbia. Butch “Sergeant Carter” Jones may be looking for Gomer to help him find a new gig soon. Hey, I hear Lane Kiffin is head coach material again. Louisville Lamar solidified  his grip on the Heisman by engineering a last minute come from behind drive to knock off a feisty UVA squad in Charlottesville. On Thursday night in the MAC, the Ohio Bobcats upset the Toledo Rockets on the road. Keep an eye on those cats. The Catholics defeated the Convicts after surrendering a large lead only to ultimately escape at the end. Army Conquers Wake, Air force took out the Fresno Bulldogs and Navy gets boat raced by USF.

Here is my article on Oklahoma’s football stadium that was published yesterday by Stadium Journey/ Please enjoy it and share w with other fans.

Bieber –– I was a close pick again for having to bail on my family and friends for the Boston College at NC State game. But there was one greater than I that was still to come. Apparently in this day and age when two people get mad at each other it results in one who has illegally obtained a handgun (I emphasize Illegally cuz morons don’t follow the law) and shoots up the other’s personal property. This past weekend in Memphis, apparently this was just the case. Two so called Tiger teammates had an argument resulting in a fight at school on Tuesday. Later on, one of the participants (let’s assume he is the one who got his ass kicked) shows up at Rocky’s apartment and fires gunshots into his car (Remember, Rocky was in his apartment, not car. This is how I know he obtained the gun illegally because he is such a lousy shot). Rocky and Apollo (real names were something more like Dingleberryavious and qauntifiableStain) were suspended indefinitely from the team. Rocky has not been arrested as of this writing because apparently police aren’t needed anymore. Colin Krapernick was seen kneeling in front of Rocky’s apartment in a show of solidarity. To add insult to injury, the Tigers lost a game badly they should have won on Saturday to Tulsa. If you do go to jail, have fun showing off your new Bieber hardware with your fresh bevy of boyfriends. It might make for a good house warming gift for your new roomy.

Next week – DFT double header consist of my return to Folsom Field at Colorado Thursday night with a visit to Pearl Street and Ford field at SMU and the famus "Boulevard" on Saturday.

Eagle Tailgater's improved 2016 Bloody Mary presentation.
Ice cold Dr. pepper here!
Happy Tailgating