Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 8 and Weak Me

My view from Timeout

I was put in “tailgate timeout” for the weekend to recover from the gauntlet I had just completed over the first half of the season and something about fireball and college kids and Mrs.Tailgate not approving. Normally I will not do a write up when I am off or at a repeat stadium, however many of you sent some great pictures that I wanted to post. I picked a fantabulous weekend to watch 30 + games on TV starting Thursday night with VA Tech and the “Enter Sandman” phenomena in Blacksburg, and ending with Wyoming beating Nevada at 11 PM Pacific Saturday in front of no one. 

Thursday we saw the Hokies wipe out the Canes in the same game I went to two years ago and Boise did all it could to give the game to BYU before slipping by the Mormons on the blue. Friday night we witnessed the Ducks and their shrinking fair weather fan base lose a double OT heart breaker in Bezerkeley.  In the whiteout at Happy Valley, Penn State pulled off the biggest upset of the year knocking off # 2 Ohio State. Jerry Sandusky celebrated with a bar of soap in State Penn.
The Bostics and townie friends representing DFT in Happy valley

Dave Flash Gordon and friends avoiding Bostic in Happy valley

Uncle Jerry Celebrating

The Badgers outclawed the Hawkeyes in Kinnick stadium on a beautiful Big Ten fall day. Alabama kept a firm grip on the #1 ranking by rolling over the Aggies in T Town. 
Alabama's First Couple in matching Mom Pants
Coach Ogre got a big win in Death Valley at night over his former Ole Miss team. In the wildest shootout in the west Oklahoma and Texas Tech combined for a mile + in offense. Why does OU DC “Screaming Mike Stoops” still have a job? Can you say nepotism (see below)? 

Rutgers came close to getting a win in Minneapolis but came up 2 points shy.

Officer Scapra cheering on the Scarlet Knights

They are burning couches again in Morgantown as the Eers remain undefeated after thumping TCU. Navy sinks the Memphis Tigers “In the Annapolis”. 
Donnellys From the Tailgate at Navy game.

Houston’s slide continues as they lose to a resurgent SMU Mustang team in the Big D. Perhaps Coach Herman is thinking about something else. Lamar Jackson was simply other worldly as Louisville dismantled the Wolfpack from Raleigh. Utah outpaced the Bruins in the Rose Bowl as former retiree Joe Williams ran for a school record 332 yards. 
The UW Maddalons enjoying a tailgate earlier in the season
Steve Koreiveo talking the ears off some new friends at ND last week

Boots provided courtesy of Colonel Doug Neidermeyer

Radio and Lora Scoota pulling off a rare double header in Maryland
Has anyone ever seen this icon from Mississippi State that goes by the name of Stingray? Apparently he has become somewhat of a legend as the MSU Super fan whose whole goal in life is to be on the Paul Finebaum Show. Here is a little snippet of his brilliance:

Bieber – After stringing together four letter words with conjunctive verbs while screaming at my TV during the Oklahoma game, I am nominating soon to be unemployed Mike Stoops as this week’s honoree. Lil Mikey came crawling back to big bro Bobby four years ago when he was fired mid-season as the head coach at Arizona. Mike, brother of HC Bob, was given the DC job 3 years ago instead of current Clemson DC Brent Veneables, one of the best in the business. The two years after Brent left he faced his former team and dismantled them. Clearly the worst move in Oklahoma since the land grabbers jumped the gun back in 1889.  If you watch Mike on game day, it is clear he has not prepared his troops for battle as he spends the entire game screaming like a German General as the Allies advanced on the Fatherland. For three years we have watched him build up to his crowning achievement and finally it arrived. Saturday night in Lubbock, was a spectacle for the whole world to view. I have seen powderpuff football girls cover better and tackle better than Mike’s elite defensive troops. Do you not teach fundamentals anymore? Tackling is not that difficult. Lil Mikey proceeded to join his counterpart from TTU in setting the NCAA defensive futility record by each team allowing 854 yards of offense and a combined 119 points. Bob, it’s kind of hard to ignore the elephant in the room this time. Time to tell little brother to go make some new friends and take his Bieber trophy with him!

Next Week – The battle of Danville Friday night under the lights as Monte Vista hosts crosstown rival San Ramon Valley. Possibly will go to San Jose State v UNLV game as the designated driver!

Happy Tailgating!

I snuck out of timeout to catch a T Birds game and my daughter cheering

Cubs win despite Bartman 2's attempt to screw it up