Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 5 - Down on "The Farm"

The first couple of Tailgate on another romantic date
A third of the season is already over and I just completed my 9th Division 1A game of the year not to mention 4 high school JV games! So much for dialing it back like I planned. Mrs. Tailgate and I loaded up the F150 (Ford Tough) and headed over to “The Farm” in Palo Alto, AKA Stanford University. This was her third game this season with me, so I am clearly racking up some serious hall passage. It was a beautiful California early autumn day with blue skies and temps in the high 70s.  We linked up for the tailgate with Kevin and Beth O’Connor of ASU Sun Devil fame and their friends Billy, Kathy and Brittany Roberts. Bloody Marys were mixed and Mrs. Tailgate made “man candy”, beef smokies, wrapped in bacon, caramelized in a brown sugar glaze. Brats, brew and other treats were served up as well. Beer imbibing contests were held live on Facebook for pure entertainment purposes. The Tailgater Dish was up and running as we watched other live action on the tele. Of course, no tailgate is complete without that parting shot of Fireball. 

Fun down on the Farm
Kickoff was 1 PM pacific so onward into Stanford Stadium we went. As is typical at Stanford when they play someone other than Notre Dame or USC, the crowd was paltry. No excuse when you have a good program, a beautiful campus for tailgating and an outstanding stadium. Regardless, we witnessed one of the best single game efforts by a running back as Stanford’s Bryce Love ran like Forest Gump over ASU over and over again. He set a Stanford record with 301 yards rushing. The game was competitive but Stanford controlled the tempo and were never really threatened. Stanford emerged as the victor with a score of 34-24. We did have to endure the joke of a so-called band during their geek infused halftime non-performance along with their insensitive mascot, the Tree. Personally, I was triggered by the mascot as they are clearly disrespecting trees. These are living creatures for crying out loud! I expect better from the smart people of Stanford to not be so politically incorrect! 

Some people refuse to grow up
Around the country – Perhaps the biggest upset of the year so far was witnessing the mighty Men of Troy (Not USC, really Troy University) take down the Tigers at Death Valley in Baton Rouge. Couldn’t really understand the mumbling of Coach O’s baritone musings in his post-game presser this week. See more below in the award section on this. Staying in the SEC, Bama punished another victim for the second week in a row showing they are one of the nation’s best teams. Georgia looks to be for real as they hung 41 on the Vols in Knoxville who responded with zip, zero, nada, nothing. Butchy boy is in deep caca. Bama has their toughest challenger in the SEC West just down the road and in state at Auburn where the Cats whipped the Dogs from Mississippi State 49-10. Out west on Friday night in the Palouse, we saw Mike the Pirate Leach take down the other mighty Men of Troy (not from Troy, but from USC) 30-27.  In the battle of two of the best group of 5 teams, the Aztecs of  San Diego State bested the Huskies from Northern Illinois. In the Big 12 Oklahoma State bounced back from last week’s loss to TCU by outgunning the Red Raiders in Lubbock. In the Big 10, Wisconsin outsmarted the Nerdwestern Wildcats with a 9-point win. However, I lost an expensive bet as the Badgers did not cover the spread. Michigan State might be back as they took down a tough Hawkeye team in East Lansing. In the game of the week in Blacksburg, VA, the Sandman did not fully enter the venue as Clemson looked strong in taking down the Hokies. Nonetheless, the atmosphere was electric and the “Enter Sandman” tradition was epic.

DFTers Brian and Laurie and friends at ECU v USF game
John "legend" Deutchki having a happy moment in happy valley
Cowboy Chris Peters rooting on the Pokes in Lubbock.
Bieber – LSU gets consideration for paying Troy one meeeeeelion dollars as a guarantee game and losing. However, as a Veteran with many family members who served in combat, I am disheartened by what several players on New Mexico did. New Mexico was hosting the Air Force Academy Saturday night. The young men and women from AFA will go on to put their lives on the line after they graduate. Apparently, the New Mexico team captain had the bright idea to play “me too” along with a few other morons and drop to a knee during the anthem. We won’t get into the overall debate about the why’s of this protest, however I will state strongly that the “where” was the absolute wrong place to do it. You knuckleheads did this as the Cadets in fatigues and players in uniform stood saluting or holding their hands over their hearts. Real nice gratitude to these future patriots. What are you going to do for your country? Join Antifa and live in your parent’s basements when you don’t make the NFL? Whatever your grievance is, what you just did is inconceivable to me. Karma in the form of me is coming to watch you play in 3 weeks. I will be easy to spot in the stands as I plan on being vocal and I know your numbers. Oh, I will also be at your game in San Diego in November. Last time I checked there are a lot of active duty and retired Military personnel in the 619. I will be sure to let them know you are coming.

Next week will be my third week in a row in the Bay Area as I will be joined by mother Billy at the San Jose State Fresno game.

Happy Tailgating!