Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dan From The Tailgate 2008 Season

Wow, what a great season of college football! Who would have thought that the Big 12 (more precisely, the Big 12 South) would take over from the SEC as the most potent conference in D-1. Who could have predicted that Michigan would lose 9 games in R2's first season at the helm. Would you believe that the State of Washington would only have 2 wins by the end of the year (The Rotten Apple Cup? SC looses at OSU, Florida loses to the Rebs at home and Notre Dame shows some sign of life. Texas Tech beating Texas in the game of the decade, Utah and Boise contending for a BCS slot. That's why we love college football; unpredictable!

I myself have had added another cathedral to my bucket list. My brother Brian(Radio) and I attended a night game at Baton Rouge on 11/1. It's not the game that was most memorable, it was the 10 hours of tailgating with the locals that was second to none. I have attended games at 18 D-1 stadiums and seen 10 more and have never witnessed anything quite like Tiger Country in the fall. The people are friendly, the beer is cold, the food is great and the talent....did I say the talent....well let's leave it at that. The stadium is one of the most impressive sights. Since I was a young kid, I remember wanting to go there after watching Bert Jones QB the Tigers to a win at night. And who could forget "Everybody's All American" starring Dennis Quaid and that stain of life Timothy Hutton in the loosely based story on Billy Cannon.

We also participated in the Laurelglen Court 3rd annual San Jose State Tailgate party at the game against Boise State. All was calm until Meister Jaeger arrived at the party. Thereafter, Upside down keg stands were the norm and oh yeah...bright yellow do rags too. The game was great, but there was no #64 to cheer on this year. Where the hell was he?

Will be attending the "Non Game" of Stanford vs. Cal this weekend. Plan on scalping slappy tickets on Durant Ave for half price after the opening kick. Looking forward to the bloody mary breakfast on telegraph avenue more so than the game. Big game of the weekend will be watched in a sports bar at 5 PM pacific, OU eeks out a win over T2 to create a BCS dilemma... In the words of the great Jim Mora Sr., "did you say Playoffs?...Playoffs"....yeah that's right even President elect aka Senator Government wants playoffs. And what Barry wants, Barry gets...

Peace, Dan from the gate!