Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week 15

The Tailgate was in late season form watching the action from the comfort of my couch..The OU/OSU Bedlam proved worthy of it's hyped billing as two potent offenses shot it out for supremacy of the great state of Oklahoma Coach Gundy was heard after the game yelling at Reporters, "Hell I am a man, pick on me I scored forty (one)!!!!....So long Charlie "Front Butt" Weiss from the Irish was nice knowing you...not somebody please wake those damn echoes! Oregon helps clear up the Rose bowl picture with a emphatic butt thumping of the "quizless" beavers... good thing we don't have college players shooting themselves in the thigh...oops sorry if I offended all 2 of you U of Miami the way nice finish against the pack...the bees stung the dawg "tween the hedges" (overrated) and Boise makes a strong case for a BCS bowl (Please Ohio State has shown what they do in BCS games lately, no more)

Next week...last week of the regular season tune in for the Army/Navy battle and the SEC and Big 12 ships! In my humble opinion (IMHO) the ACC and Big East do not deserve auto births to the BCS bowls...what's that? Yes Coach Mora, we know, we heard you two weeks ago...Playoffs... The Mountain West has 2 teams that can play with anyone this year.

Out for now!