Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 14 Recap (Blowout Saturday)

Another amazing week of College football! Amazing in the way that most of the anticipated match ups were blowouts. The exceptions were Ball St. staying undefeated by eeking out a win over CMOOOOOOOOOO...does anyone really care or even notice? And in the game of the day on Saturday Wisconsin needing 2 OT's to beat Appalachian State....I mean the mighty Mustangs of Cal Poly (Neighbor Dru's Alma Matter). Utah beats BYU soundly in the holy war to secure a BCS bowl. Notre Dame is HUMILIATED by one of the worst teams in college football....the AXE returns to its rightful place in strawberry friends in the bayou were outflanked by the Rebs....Wasu wins the basket of rotten apples... Maryland lays a turtle egg against San Quentin U...Joe Pa bites a rose stem....and oh yeah the much anticipated match up of the 2 best offenses in the country turned into a one sided good ole fashion Red State drubbing in Norman. Does OU move up to #2? No other movement in the top 10 this week...Check out the new poll on BCS vs. Playoffs on the left sid eof the page..

The tailgate traveled to Raleighs (Highly recommend for game day festivities)on Telegraph Ave in Bezerkeley serving outstanding bloody's, Guiness and pub grub...followed by the big game in Strawberry Canyon. Aside from threating to decapitate a "little man" on the BART, it was a relatively mild day.

Out Dan!