Tuesday, November 8, 2011

State Penn and Joe Pa

The events surrounding the child molestation case in “Not So Happy Valley” are so troublesome to me that I felt I needed to do a midweek update. Regardless of whether you revere Joe Pa, hate him or are indifferent, the fact that he most likely knew things as early as 1998 and again in 2002 and did not report this to the Police, makes him complicit in this case. Bottom line, he needs to resign immediately. Shame has been brought on this institution that many a parents have entrusted to take care of their children. Even though he reported this to the Athletic Director, when it did not reach the police both he and the assistant coach who witnessed the disgusting act should have escalated this. Isn’t that what you would do? This is not the first time that Joe Pa has turned the other way. So long as Joe was getting his way, he would not report any transgressions. Joe, you lacked institutional control a long time ago. Your reputation and legacy are tarnished forever. You were still letting Slimedusky around your program as late as last week.

Isn’t it interesting that this broke one week after Joe Pa achieves the pinnacle of college coaching by becoming the all time winningest coach in NCAA history? This doesn’t stop just with Joe Pa, this will rattle the foundation of the State of Pennsylvania. The cover up will sting the University far worse than the crime. And let’s not forget that we are talking about 9 little boys who were violated in the most despicable way. All administrators at the school who knew had a responsibility to report this to the police. Does it stop at the school alone? No way, otherwise this would have broken a long time ago. There are those in the State Government and judicial system who had knowledge. This is absolutely disgusting all the way around.

Coach Slimedusky, you will make some nice new friends in prison. I hope you get what you gave. This is not a rush to judgment. This is a pattern just like those priests who got away with these actions and were shielded by the Church. You deserve the absolute worst scumbag!