Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 13 CFB Recap (Anniversary Weekend)

And then depressions sets in… with only 1 more week of the regular season and conference championships…what will I do with my free time?

Tailgate Update - with perhaps the last live Tailgate of the season (Bowl depending), the Tailgate crossed the bay and set up camp in the Grove on the Stanford Campus for the annual match up with the Fighting Irish. But before the caravan could begin we loaded up the Tailgate wagon for several hours, packing every square inch of the vehicle. Then, we shoe-horned 7 Tailgaters into the Family Truckster, adjusted the mirrors, turned the key and then click… click…. click…. click… click….click! Battery dead from leaving the back hatch open all morning. No problem, we called an audible and jumped the vehicle and away we went. We linked up with team Iorio- Scharff and friends. The weather was outstanding with sunny skies and high 60’s. We set up camp, put up the new Notre Dame canopy, fired up the grills and had the feast of all feasts on this Autumn Saturday. Kielbasa, Tri Tip, BBQ ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, pasta salad, potato salad, grilled asparagus, baked beans, deviled eggs, cheeses, chips and dips, and ample beverages. The soirĂ©e was chaperoned and presided over by grand tailgater and rabid Irish fan Fritz Scharff. All the tailgate games were hauled out to be played. In an epic beat down of cornhole (Still sounds wrong to me), team Donnelly/Iorio skunked team Panovich/Keuster 21-0. After checking the record books this is reported as the first recorded shutout ever in the game of cornhole. G-Man Keuster totally redeemed himself by learning the finer points of flip cup and joining up with Team Donnelly/Iorio/Brooks and winning the world series 4 games to 1 over team Majello Painovich/Rob “chug n cheat” Nowacek (genius move btw), Boaz and the Craig dude. Of course all this took place as the wives and children were off on a family friendly campus tour. The kids played every kind of imaginable game that did not involve alcohol and had a great tailgate experience.

The game did not live up to the expectations of the 15,000 Irish fans that showed up. Caveman Luck and his fellow Trees were in control in the first half as Tommy “BK’s Byotch” Reese could get nothing going. New life was found in the second half as young Irish QB Andrew Hendricks was inserted and ran a triple option O that created some problems for the Cardinal. Nonetheless the Cardinal were too strong on this night and prevailed 28 -14. By the way, they do allow flasks into Stanford Stadium, so I am told.

Around the country - And the Big Least Champion also BCS AQ, non-top 25 team is….? Wait until next week for the result please, as it is too confusing which mediocre team will get the auto bid this year. With all the conference realignments taking place we may have seen the last of several traditional rivalries: Texas takes down A&M on Turkey day with a game winning field goal. The backyard brawl had WVU taking down Pitt for perhaps the last time as well. San Jose State continues its impressive turnaround under Coach Mac and takes a bite out of the Dawgs down in Fresno. In other games of merit around the country our boy shoelaces and Coach “Norm from Cheers” claw their way to a big win over the arch enemy known in Ann Arbor as The Ohio State Buckeyes. First win in 8 years over the Buckeyes for the maize and blue. Does Boise deserve a shot at a BCS game with another impressive win over a much improved Wyoming team? I would like to think so, but they will need a few teams ahead of them, and Houston to lose next weekend. No toilet paper in the trees at Toomers corner in Auburn. My Boy Alabama Al was in attendance reporting in from enemy territory at the Iron Bowl. He said the Tiger fans were well behaved as they did not expect to win this year. Should LSU win the SEC ship against Georgia next week, we will have a rematch of the Game of The Century for the BCS Title. The Apple Cup had the Huskies barking out a victory over the Cooooooooougs. And in the Civil War, the Quack Attack was back and they chewed up and spit out the Beavers with no problem. Lame Kitten pulled his best Cheat Carrol impersonation by running up the score and stats for Matt Barkley in an attempt to hand him a Heisman over the Pac 12 South Champion UCLA. Will Barkley return for his senior season? Did the Tortoises forget to pace themselves against the rabbits from Raleigh yesterday? Seriously, blowing a 27 point 2nd half lead and losing by 16! Bring back the Fridge. Jimbo Fischer officially welcomed Will Muschamp to the state of Florida with a proper Seminole slap down. Ruh ruh roof roof roof roof roof!!!!! The Dawgs are back as they stung the crap out of the Yellow jackets in the battle of Georgia on My Mind. Good luck next week against the Tigers. RG III continued his late season charge for the Heisman with a big win over the Tubberville Red Raiders. Was Craig James son anywhere to be found? Perhaps he was still in the equipment shed where he belongs. And the city of Lubbock would love to thank you Craig for all you did for them you pompous schmuck! The Bielema Badgers sending Penn State back to a Not So Happy Valley for the last time this year and landing a spot in the first ever Big 10 championship match against Sparty. OU sets up nicely for the Bedlam game by doing what the Cowboys could not do last week; beating Iowa State. The Gamecocks were victorious in the Palmetto State rivalry over the falling Clemson Dabos. Case Keenum and the Houston Juggernaut racking up another impressive victory over Tulsa. The BC Eagles making a strong end of year push sending the Hurricanes back out to sea for a looooooonggg off season. Maybe Nevin Shapiro can pay for another “Love Boat’ cruise for the whole team. And yes of course the Huskers said if you build it we will come and they did and knocked down the corn fields in Iowa for a solid big 10 win.

There were Help Wanted Ads taken out in the local papers in Columbus, OH, Champagne, IL, Tempe AZ, Crappy valley, PA and Pasadena, CA. The position calls for someone who can win at all costs, cheat, lie and steal better than the competition and bring some more Benjamins into the school coffers. Camps from Team Meyer, Leach and Wannstedt were seen tidying up their resumes and responding to those ads. Good luck to all.

Gripe of the week – Schools that still don’t know how to handle big crowds. It was evident yesterday that Stanford still does not have it down yet when in comes to being a top contender. Bathroom ques were a mile long as some heads were closed and others were not trough equipped for the men. Concession stands were sparse and the lines were uninviting. Program guides were sold out by the start of the game. And, if you had a desire to leave the parking lot after the game, think again. We stuck around and re-tailgaited for almost two hours as the traffic eventually subsided. Stanford is not the only school where this has happened to me. They are just the most recent example.

Next Week the Tailgate will take a break from live tailgating and will celebrate at home for the final weekend of the regular season (Army –Navy game withstanding).

Happy Tailgating!