Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 12 CFB 2011 (Weekend of Chaos)


Simply put, one of the most amazing, crazy weeks of college football that I can ever recall. So many games to mention so many upsets, so much impact. However first, I would like to extend my prayers for those that were killed and injured at the Yale Tailgate yesterday by some moron who drove through the crowd with a U-Haul filled with kegs.

Tailgate update – Fellow Tailgater and Brother Brian flew in from Maryland to take on some West Coast Tailgating over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We ventured down to San Jose on Saturday for the Navy – SJSU battle. A fantastic day for Tailgating. The menu was unusual and off the grid. Here is a brief video of our Tailgate as we enjoyed Tacos, because I like Tacos:

Okay, so we also had some other outstanding grilled meats, Sweet chicken Italian and hot chicken Italian hand rolled sausages, Tony Roma’s ribs, charred pepper bacon and macaroni salad accompanied by an assortment of beverages. We were joined by “Drink in my hand” Dru and “Good Time “ Reinke and his son and Brett Favre’s twin “Too Tall” Taggert. A clear crisp fall day that offered up the perfect environment for college football. Many Navy encampments dropped anchor in the SJSU lots to enjoy the festivities of California Tailgating. Cheerleaders and marching bands roamed the lots for added entertainment value. Two Navy F-18’s did a low level amazing flyover to kick the game off. Outstanding game as Navy came back from two separate deficits to take the lead. In the end, SJSU’s defense was able to stop the naval armada on a crucial 4th down with less than three minutes left. SJSU ran the clock out for a three point victory over a young Navy squad. We did not feel compelled to rush the field this time. I believe I am finally maturing. I had to talk Brian (Navy season ticket holder) down off the roof of the stadium as he felt as despondent as I did last weekend in Boise. I serenaded him with a little diddy to save his life. Here is the video of that event:

Around the Country – Okay, as I said it was a crazy weekend kicked off by the Ambush in Ames on Friday night as Choklahoma State ruined their perfect season and shot at the title by either overlooking this game or simply being outplayed. I must be careful here as I am married to Cowboy royalty but it was an exciting game that ended with Iowa State pulling off their biggest win ever. The evening concluded as thousands of fans stormed the field reminding us once again why college football rocks! However the most ominous moment of the weekend occurred off the field as The ESPN College Gameday crew were making their picks for the day and it was Lee Corso’s turn to share his thoughts. Take a listen as this is vintage Corso (AKA Mel Brooks):

Staying with Choklahoma Schools, OU ruined its chances of getting to the National Championship as well by losing to a fired up Baylor Bears squad in what will now be known as The Mistako in Waco. This was possibly the most exciting game of the weekend with RG III throwing for the go ahead score with 8 seconds left. Bob stoops blamed the loss and bad Karma on Brother Mike as they have now lost 2 games with him “advising” the Sooners. Dabo Swinney for the first time in his life was speechless after the Wolfpack annihilated the Orange clad Tigers. No BCS for you! And Chipper K, did you forget that SC had speed too? Remember speed kills and you just killed your BCS hopes. In the battle for the Vatican Cup, Monsignor BK and the Fighting Irish eked one out over the Holy Order of BC in South bend. BK, we are counting on a Rockneesque speech from you next week as you take on Stanford out here on the farm. Caveman Luck and the boyz of Palo Alto pulled another one out against Cal in the annual Big Game. Penn State rebounded from the Slimedusky scandal to put a beat down on the Buckeyes in the Shoe. Nebraska forgot to prepare for Shoelaces and the Big House as they were embarrassed in Ann Arbor. The SEC essentially took the weekend off as all the front runners played lesser opponents. Georgia continued it's improbable run by clinching the SEC East with a win over Kentucky and locking up a spot in the SEC ship in 2 weeks. Guest Tailgate reporter Gary “Gas Man” Ricco visited the hallowed grounds of tailgating idolatry that is known to mankind as “The Grove” on the Ole Miss Campus. Gary reported that this was a religious experience for him as this is a Mecca for those in the Tailgate nation. As they say in Oxford we may lose the game but we always win the party! (See pictures of the Grove and the Grand Tailgater trophy to which I aspire to achieve one day)

As far as the Heisman race goes, it is becoming like the Republican primary extravaganza with a new chic pick on top each week. Who knows, I think Erin Andrews should win it personally for her amazing season of looking good every Saturday! She might also make a great President as she passes the eye test (see her pic above).

Gripe – Late hits out of bounds – How many times do we have to watch some idiot inspired by Madden EA drill an opponent who is already out of bounds? Not only does this happen frequently but the impact of these penalties is often game changing. A nice 15 yard penalty to extend drives and improve field goal position often changes the outcome of the game. In many cases the result can even have an impact on a team’s season. Is it really worth it? A simple drill in practice reinforced by a threat of being benched might do the trick. Knock it off lads!

Next week for the first time, the whole Donnelly clan will experience the Tailgating rituals together at the Notre Dame - Stanford game.

Happy Tailgating