Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 2 Recap 2010

With all the talk of the 5 Big games of the weekend matching up 10 of College Football’s Blue Bloods, only one of those games proved to be a contest with Michigan taking down the Domers in South bend. I thought after last weekend that the Irish D would stiffen up…apparently not…just ask shoelaces! Nonetheless Dan’s Tailgate was fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of one of those games on business. At long last I was able to attend (along with West Point Rob) a game at the Horseshoe in Columbus pitting The Ohio State University over the U of Miami. Though the game panned out to be sloppy and mostly dominated by OSU, the atmosphere and accouterments surrounding the game ranked very high in my book. First the Tailgate took a tour of some of Columbus finest bars on Friday night including the famous Varsity on Campus. I was most impressed by watching old and new alumni returning to see this projected epic matchup meeting old classmates and retelling the glory stories. Other bars were geared up with many people wearing the scarlet and grey and singing OSU centric songs and chants.

On Game day we met up with an old friend from Danville and OSU Alumni Tim Fetters at his RV tailgate party (See pictures as there were many unique RV party apparatuses). We ended pre game festivities at a Raucous open air pregame party with live band and thousands of the Buckeye Faithful and ample Budweiser product. Though our tickets (Bought off Craig’s list for $150 each) were not the best seats in the house, they were nonetheless in the house! We learned why 106,000 fans sang “Hang on Sloopy” several dozen times with the chant of O-H-I-O mixed into the versus. The fans although biased on all calls, were respectful and knowledgeable (Including the yakmaster woman who sat behind me running her trap the entire game and elbowing me in the head and sliding her foot into my built in seat). A great day in all for football with a bit of rain mixed in. The Horseshoe ranks up there close to the top of all Cathedrals of Fall that I have attended.

As for the rest of the Weekend lineup, VT why did you have to lose to JMU! This hurts my chance of going to Glendale to watch Boise in the BCS Ship. The Bay Area teams fared well with resounding routs by Stanford and Cal and a respectable showing by SJSU at Wisconsin. OU answered its critics with a seminal Seminole butt whooping. Maybe the golden gophers should crawl back in their holes after their embarrassment. The Gators continued its struggles with another unimpressive performance. The Ole Ball Coach still has the Dawgs number…Outside of Alabama it appears the SEC is going to have a down year, right Tennessee? ACC had a weekend to forget or maybe they just forgot to play this weekend. Air Force represented the service academies well with a resounding win over conference rival BYU while Navy eeked out a win over 1- AA Georgia Southern and Hawaii bested Army in a tight contest. I can’t finish the commentary without taking a shot at Lane Kiffin and SUC, I mean USC. Nice win against the mighty Wahoos from Virginia Lane. Too bad Cheat Caroll is not around to witness the greatness that is Trojan Football this fall. He is in a better place now for those that like to pay their players and buy them cars and houses and guns and fire trucks and hookers!

Rant of the week – This is where I impersonate Andy Rooney - Does it annoy anyone else that 98% of football commentators are posers? My main gripe is that whenever John Madden puts out a term “Cover two” for example, all the others fall in line and start using it without even knowing what the hell it means. In the last 2 years, the most overused term is “in space”. I dare you watch an entire game and report back to me that a commentator did not use that term. It simply used to be called “open field tackling, or “running in the open field”. Again, these morons don’t even know what it means and even apply it to a kicker who now kicks “in space”. Oh well, had to get that one off my chest!

Next weekend Tailgating activities will be in the backyard of the Worldwide HQ’s of Dan’s Tailgate. We will be focused mainly on the Boise/Wyoming game and Notre Dame at MSU. If you are in Danville, stop by for a cold one and whatever is on the grill! Also, if anyone has tailgate stories & pics to share, please send them to me as I will set up a guest section for your observations and rants,