Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 3 Recap 2010

Week 3 Recap

Wow! I think we know who some of the pretenders are after a weekend of games that separated the men form the boys and I am not talking about bus station bathrooms in San Francisco. Washington and Cal…you simply did not represent. Jake you looked more like Heather Locklear instead of the J Lock you were portended to be. IOWHAT? Nice job in the dessert Kurt. You, much like the Donner party don’t perform well when you travel west over the mountains. And USC, you barely beat a team that lost to a 1 AA team last week and you have to do your LA thug sideline dance….Really? Hey Lane, my Boy Big SMO and his friends in middle Tennessee would like to have a little homecoming party for you (Click on Link) And next week you are in the Paloos against the mighty Cougs. Way to play a tough schedule in September!

And here’s to you Mr. Robinson…Rich Rod loves you more than you will know…you are the real deal and the front runner for the Heisman assuming you don’t lose to a patsy on your schedule and Rich Rod doesn’t quit before the bowl game. Boise stifled the likes of Brent Musberger, Corso and company for a week by taking the “rarified air” out of Laramie and the Wyoming Cowboys in a resounding win. The ESPN College Game Day will make its first appearance at the Blue Turf in Boise next week. Tune in at 7 AM Pacific on Saturday. My daughter will be holding a sign up that says “Separated at Birth” with these two pictures:

It is good to be the King, but Lee you have not shown the Broncos any respect this year and perhaps you will eat a little Blue Turf Pie on Saturday. Game of the week was perhaps Clemson at Auburn in an epic Big Cat fight. However, it hurts me most to admit that Michigan State’s ballsy play on the fake field goal taking down the Irish was perhaps the most exciting finish. Hey BK, we got rid of Charlie “Front Butt” for these same endings so pick it up please! A weekly shout out to the Service Academies with nice wins for Army & Navy and a valiant effort by Air Force versus OU. To my wife’s Alma matter in the battle of the lesser Oklahoma schools, nice win over the Golden Hurricanes. Solid win by the Mountaineers over my home state Terps in the battle for disputed land (It’s ours by the way). Is the SEC the top conference this year? Bama is for real but the rest of the conference appears to be average so far. At this point there does not seem to be a dominant conference but a few dominant teams. I’d like to hear what ya’ll have to say about that.

Gripe of the week – Although ESPN play by play announcer Pam Ward has a voice as deep as Trace Adkins and one that I only wished I had, there is something lacking in the credibility of a woman play by play announcer. I know I can hear all the feminists beating me up on this one, but really did she ever even play a pick-up game as a kid in the sandlot? I doubt it, but hey there is obviously no room for her in the locker room these days….just ask Ines Sainz J

Tailgate starts next Saturday at 7 AM in Dan's Bar & Grill (DB&G). All are welcome to drop by for a cold one or hot one depending on your preference as we will be preparing in style for the Boise/Oregon game and all the other 55 games to be viewed. Some pub for my boy Feasty John of the Feasty Boys TV show. Each week Feasty John has provided me with a new tailgate recipe that I post on the left side of the page. We will be making up his famous seafood in a bag next week. Also be sure to vote on the weekly polls that are posted.

Happy Tailgating!