Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 7 Recap (Upset Saturday)

Upset Saturday it was with three teams in the top 10 falling to lesser ranked opponents. More on that later and on to the more important events from Saturday such as our tailgate party. The 5th annual men of Laurelglen & friends tailgate bash at SJSU was by far the best organized and most spirited event to date. The spread was first class with Ribs, Pork tenderloins, Brats (sister Eileen’s recipe) and bockwurst being grilled up and accompanied by mac salad, baked beans, macaroni casserole, German potato salad, and desert…we actually looked like we knew what we were doing. We had enough food to feed most of the games attendees….ooops not a stellar metric. We also learned a new form of entertainment playing the “beer cups” game with some fellow tailgaters set up next to us. Old guys can still party like rock stars! The keg of pilsner was well received and left mostly vacant by” gates” end. But we all want to know was who was “Random Dude” with adorned cap on top of head (not affixed to head) stumbling into our party with 12 pack tucked nicely under arm (see picture)? He seemed to be enjoying himself watching the OSU/Wisconsin game on our screen and eating our food. Thoughts of Gordon the 38 year old Pizza Boy from Two and a Half Men came to mind. Is “Dancing Girl” still going strong in the back of the pickup truck? There were even rumors of Wolff droppings (2 years in a row) again after the ride home on Laurelglen Ct. Well played son of Wolff! The tailgate crowd was loud and raucous with as many BSU fans as Spartan faithful. Big Dru is now put on the “do not gate list” for his confrontation with security in the parking lot during the second half of the game. No Jaeger bombs this year…thankfully.

The game itself was over after Q1 with Boise taking a 21 -0 lead. Starters did not take the field in the 2nd half and the game was left to the reserves to finish off. Betting on the game within the game kept things interesting. Thanks Tim for letting me take your money. We met a loyal SJSU couple that were sitting behind us that have been to all but 4 SJSU home games in the last 40 years. That is dedication! We even were the recipients of a free pizza being handed out to fans to keep things interesting…I guess. But Boise’s on field efforts will be negated in the rankings as Oregon State lost and Nevada was upset in Hawaii. Oregon State, why did you feel you needed to go for 2 and lose? “You are killing me Smalls!” This is a special year for Boise as they play both sides of the ball as well as they ever had. I am praying for a trip to Glendale.

Around the country - Big upset in Madison with props going to coach Belima for a well executed game plan. Cornhuskers were plowed once again by the Steers from Texas in a major beat down. Welcome back to the living Mac Brown. The “ole Ball coach” from Columbia did not have much to say for once after falling down in the Blue grass state. Will anyone in the SEC play defense this year? 108 points scored in the battle of Mallet and Newton? Law of physics would say this was not possible in years past down deep in the heart of Dixie. Cam Newton you are a stud, and perhaps running away with the Heisman now. I think Denard and Ingram have fallen off the Heisman radar for now. The Men of Troy exposed Cal’s weakness and put a beat down on the Birkenstocks from Berkley. Is Oklahoma State for real this year? 6-0 and winning in Lubbock is something they don’t normally do. Is OU deserving of such a high ranking after struggling with a few lightweights this season? Clemson takes down the Terps, Va Tech continues to win its way back into the top 25 and FSU eeked out an uninspiring win over BC. The fighting Irish are 4-3 and on their way to earning a bowl berth. Who is the top conference this year? Personally I think there is a lot of parity with each conference having a few strong teams at the top and then a lot of mediocrity. This is what makes CFB the best spectator sport in America; unpredictability!!

Gripe of the week –On behalf of neighbor and fellow tailgater Dru, aka Shrek – “Why won’t they let me tailgate when the game is going on?”. As Dru vacated the stadium at half time with visions of recreating the pregame fun and festivities he attempted to fire up the grill and keg for round two. Only, he did not realize that SJSU not only stopped selling beer in the stadium (It explains the lower attendance this year) but you are not allowed to tailgate once the game starts. He was lectured several times by security guards with tasers “to put out that fire and un-tap that Keg!” Dru was last heard screaming “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” When we exited the game Dru was waiting for us by ducking between cars to avoid the taser happy security force. Anyways, I agree with Dru, there is no reason that the Tailgate cannot continue after game time. Some of the best venues I have attended allow for this and in a large scale fashion. At LSU there are as many people tailgating as there in the game, during the game!

A special prayer goes out to Rutgers player Eric Legrand who is paralyzed from the neck down after a violent collision in the game against army yesterday. This is a solemn reminder that these kids play a sport that at times can be violent.

Next week the Tailgate takes a break from normal Saturday activity and will be vacationing on Bourbon Street and The Big Easy. I will be sure to tune to games throughout the day to keep up on all the CFB activity.

Happy Tailgating