Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 5 Recap

Big game Saturday started with great expectations yet ended with little drama and several blowouts. Mac Brown was heard saying as he crawled on his knees in front of the Shorthorn Boosters pleading for his job “ Talk about potential for growth, I am the little acorn that will become the oak!”(See picture above). Too little, too late for those deep in the heart Mac. It is all about “what have you done for me lately. Nice win for Bobby and the Boyz from Norman. Okay so now I have written Tennessee off the list of potential schools for my middle daughter to attend. It is evident that their standards in math in Knoxville are based on “outcome based education” principles…..How many defensive players do you want there to be on the field? 13! Good answer boyz, how did that work out for you? Big Smo and the boyz have something to say about this, take a listen: . At least when Lane was at the helm, counting was not an issue. We can all count the number of infractions he was hit with in his brief tenure there. Speaking of Lane, did you and Sark go to dinner after the big game last night in LA? (I pick on SC because I have more SC readers than any other school, and I am bitter over the beating they have administered to the Irish over the last decade, albeit illegally). Speaking of the Irish, thank you for winning the Vatican cup in the battle of the Catholic schools last night. BK you needed that one!

The Tailgate had numerous fellow tailgaters dropping by throughout the day to catch some of the action, Dru, Chad, Wegner and Boise Kirk to name a few. It got a little foggy by the night games so not sure who was still there. Hot dogs and chips were served in true man cave fashion at Dan’s Bar & Grill (DB&G). I was able to successfully navigate 4 .5 games at one time during the late game time slot…my brain aches today!

Okay for the first of the biggest games of the day, Bama annihilated Florida yet again. I will stick to my guns, Bama deserves to be # 1, but I do not think the SEC is a strong conference this year. LSU should have been LUS against the Vols and their math genius’s. Auburn is okay, but would lose by 3 TD’s to Bama. The rest of the conference is average this year. In my view there is not a big standout conference this year. I see a lot of parity which makes college football all the more exciting. In the second big game I think we know the answer now on whether speed or brawn will win. By the second half the Ducks were flying all around the immobile Trees of Stanford and depositing bombs on them. Exciting game up until the 4th quarter when the game was put out of reach. In defeat, I do think Andrew Luck is the best NFL QB prospect in College football. Much respect to the son of Oliver! In the game of the week on Thursday night, Oklahoma State winning in the final seconds against A&M was awesome. The big 2 in Michigan will face off next week and finally have a loss between them. The state of New Mexico is a combined 0-9! The good news is next week since they play each other they will have a win, unless they use Tennessee mathematics. The BSU Broncos were too much for the Aggies to handle as they rested their starters for most of the second half in a 59 -0 rout. Danville’s own Joe Southwick saw action in the second half at QB and registered his first TD. Air Force is the front runner for the Commander N Chief’s cup as they were victorious over a slipping Navy squad.

Gripe of the week – another overused poser term you will hear now through the end of the season by the CFB experts is “Body of work”. Hmmm lots of things come to mind when I hear this like Erin Andrews roving the sideline of a game. Now that is a body of work! (See above). But please, must every commentator rely on this overused phrase to justify which teams are BCS bound and which ones aren’t? Can’t you just say they had the strongest or weakest schedule and they won….or something like that? Okay I suggest we start a new drinking game based on these overused terms and words that commentators use. It will be along the lines of the old Bob Newhart show drinking game where you would have to take a guzzle of your beer every time someone on the show said “Hi Bob”! Well now I suggest we all fill a cup of beer and watch a game or even one of the ESPN or CBS or Fox sports talking head shows about CFB. Every time they say “In Space”, “Body of Work” and “Style points” take a drink. Now when you wake up the next day be sure to send that network a complaint letter and tell them to be more original.

Next week the, Tailgate will be live in Boise for the parents weekend. BSU will be playing Toledo. Fellow tailgaters Amy, KG & DG will be in the parking lot with me firing up some tasty vittles for many hours before the game. I will be sending text messages out to the followers of this blog live from the tailgating.

Happy Tailgating!